Deep Demonstration Dates


A Strategy for Maintaining and Building Movements



         Annual recurring dates provide greater opportunities for planning events and coordinating the efforts of organizations and people


      Those who fail to learn from and remember the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them



            If we are going to have a reasonable chance to gain the attention of our fellow citizens, the captured media and to communicate clear objectives effecting significant political change, we will need to form a mass movement that produces larger and more consistent public demonstrations than we have witnessed in more than a generation.

             We saw massive worldwide protests leading up to the invasion of Iraq, but that moment failed to produce an effective movement. We witnessed massive protests for Climate Action, but that moment failed to produce an effective movement. Occupy Wall Street sustained efforts heroically, but failed to produce an effective movement. 

            Adequate planning, organizing and messaging will be difficult if we reactively protest the things we oppose. Planning, organizing and messaging will all be facilitated if we adopt a more proactive strategy. It’s easy to stand against something and harder to stand for something. The latter is more worthwhile.

            If we plan our efforts to coincide with historically relevant events in our collective history to make this a more perfect union, our actions will be more meaningful (deeper). This also provides us with opportunities to educate ourselves, and others about the recurrent struggles to expand the rights and liberties of an ever more diverse citizenry against the oppressive and discriminatory tactics of tyranny.


            It is worthwhile noting that no matter what your causes or concerns may be; accessibility and affordability of healthcare, quality of education, economic stability and opportunity, environmental quality, animal rights, minority rights and protections, food quality, social safety nets, etc. the likelihood of government to legislate, execute and conform in accordance to the will of The People is directly and inversely proportional to the influence that big money infects our political systems. Princeton studies reveal that the chances of Congress passing legislation that conforms to the will of The People is statistically insignificant and that the USA no longer qualifies as a functional democracy but is now an oligarchy.

            It is equally worth noting that our electoral process has been corrupted and subverted to the degree that the citizens of the USA are well justified to consider that the three branches of government are no longer legitimate. Foreign powers have hacked into our electoral process, too many voting machines are unverifiable, courts deny recount efforts that could reveal fraud while voter suppression abounds in ever growing forms as gerrymandering gains strength.


            The new congress and executive administration may destroy net neutrality and now has the Anti Propaganda Act to utilize in possible future efforts to suppress dissenting opinion.

            In light of these facts and developments, it may be prudent to establish a series of deep demonstration dates and keep copies on good old fashioned paper that we may better coordinate in the efforts of our revolution.



The following is a suggested list of deep demonstration dates. The dates listed are focused mainly on historical events related to voting rights because voting rights are currently being repressed, suppressed and violated in too many ways. It's time that elections cannot be stolen because they have been stolen too often in the past too many years. 

             Let these dates be a time that we can organize mass rallies, small dinner resistance parties, democratic conventions and bipartisan conferences to energize, educate and illuminate the virtues of common people to empower nations and a world to work in harmony for the common good of a greater good for all.

         Deep Demonstration Dates were conceived and developed long before the novel corona virus epidemic. Mass rallies may no longer be appropriate, but we will create new ways to get the job done. 

        The following dates were all compiled prior to the Trump administration. The dates listed below all have deep historical significance, but are far from a comprehensive list. You are very welcome to contact IA and contribute your own suggestions of dates and events.  


Jan 21 was the infamous Citizens United Ruling and the Women's March on Washington. 

Feb 8, 1996 was when President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Act. While that legislation had some virtues, it sowed the seeds for some bad stuff, like media consolidation that gave oligarchs control of mass/corporate media. Hate radio with hosts like Ruch Limbaugh were permitted to be funded by wanna be tyrants and supporters of tyranny. 


Feb 22 was the date in 1797 that the New Jersey Assembly passed legislation allowing women the right to vote, a right that they soon thereafter lost. This would be an auspicious date to continue the resistance of the misogynist in chief. 

March 6 was the Dread Scott decision in 1857 when the Supreme Court effectively eliminated black men from voting. If you support liberty and justice for all then March 6, 2017 is an auspicious date to take to the streets in opposition to the kleptocrats and in celebration of the progress we have made as a nation.


The last week of March is significant in our history of events pertaining to electoral participation and integrity.

  • March 26, 1790 passage of the Naturalization Act that excluded Native Americans, Negros and Asians from voting. 18 million rising should show

  • March 27, 2002 brought passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act = McCain-Feingold Act

  • March 30, 1870 brought the 15th Amendment giving blacks the right to vote


April 9, 1886 was the passage of the Civil Rights Bill granting blacks the rights of citizens

April 11, 1968 President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act

 - this time of year is a good time to remind and educate people about the continuous fight for racial rights


May 6 was another legislated discrimination effort excluding Chinese from voting rights with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

 - another reminder that the fight for equal rights isn't finished and bigots want to repress all but their own   

June 4 brought a victory in 1919 for women's suffrage

 - equal right fights aren't just about the color of skin or ethnicity


June 25 was when the Supreme Court invalidated portions of the Voting Rights Act justifying the decision by asserting that we now lived in a post-racial society because the American People elected it's first black President by such overwhelming numbers that the kleptocrats were unable to steal that office without risking massive suspicions of their fraudulent adjustments to vote tallies.

July 2 1890 - The Sherman Anti-Trust Act signed into law. Let us not forget that the USA was founded in a rebellion against the oppressive and tyrannical forces of consolidated wealth and power. Remember (or learn the true history) the real reason for the Boston Tea Party


July 18 was the date that the Supreme accepted to adjudicate the Citizens United Case. It's a good place to educate each other about Supreme Injustices


July 20 marks the anniversary of the first human to walk on the moon. What does that have to do with election reforms and stuff like that? That date is perhaps the best date to rally together to remember and celebrate what we can do as a people untied with a functional government Of, By and For The People. Yes we can restore the integrity of this republic

Neil Armstrong said, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" and "We come in peace for all of humanity". So when millions of people demonstrate and celebrate on that day we reaffirm what we can do. Millions of others around the world should rally in solidarity with The New American Revolution because we do live in a global Society of Democrats who share this one precious planet, our only home that is currently in dire environmental peril and what happens in the United States affects the entire world.


August 6, 1965 the Voting Rights Act was signed into law

August 23, is a date that should resonate for all freedom loving democrats throughout the world

1961 Germany is officially divided by the Belin Wall

1989 Hungary opens the border with Austria as the Berlin Wall falls

1971 was the release of the Powell memo which became the blueprint for the modern "conservative" movement


August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King delivers I have a Dream speech


September 17, 1787 The US Constitution is unanimously approved. The effort to create a more perfect union never ends...

September 25, 1789 The first congress introduces 12 amendments to the Constitution. We can and we must amend the Constitution again. This time we will; create an affirmative right to vote, end the doctrine of corporate personhood, ensure that spending money for political gains is never again construed as an expression of free speech.  


October 2, 1967 Thurgood Marshall sworn into Supreme Court

                  1968 California Redwood Forest established

                  1975 Japanese Emperor has first visit to White House

                  1869 birth of Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandi


October 21, 1967 massive anti-war protests at the Pentagon

October 22, 1962 President Kennedy tells nation that Russian missiles placed in Cuba


November 9, 1989 Berlin Wall opened

November 17, 1993 NAFTA approved by republicans in House of Representatives


December 10-12 2000 Supreme Court ends Florida vote recount 

We now have dates for each month of the calendar year that we can use to plan events that can be used focus the populace on the fundamental problems we the people now face to have our votes fairly counted and to have proper representation. 

Addendum; Other dates that may prove effectual to the cause include but are not limited to....




         May 10 and December 19 were also highly significant dates in the formation of the USA and therefore the spread of modern democracy and the fight against fascist tyranny across the globe.

May 10 was the passage of the Tea Act of 1773 that gave a hefty tax break to the worlds first multi-national-corporation (the East India Trading Company) and Dec. 19 is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.

Therefore May 10 could be a tax the corporations or fair tax day while Dec 19 is the perfect day for all small business to promote a buy local from small businesses – one week before Christmas.