A World of Good is only Possible

With Good People

Like You

Integrative Activism

is the business crafted to “Save the World”

Integrative Activism provides many of the best nonprofit organizations curated into Diversified Portfolios, providing an easy, effective and comprehensive way to Invest in a more more sustainable, just, healthy and happy world for all.
Humanity faces a conflation of crises that threaten the future of democracy, civilization and the vast majority of life on this precious planet, our one and only home. There aren’t any magic bullets or superheroes to save us, but there are more dedicated, smart and well educated people utilizing history’s most powerful technologies to solve them.
Bringing together the cures for the causes and salves for the solution of the world’s most pressing problems

Individually our attention, concerns and resources are limited. Together, we can give more of our attention and allocate more of our resources more effectively and wisely than previously imagined, contributing to the greater good more substantially than ever. With Integrative Activism’s curated diversified portfolios you can utilize a more holistic strategy and easily;

Discover – numerous important organizations that are providing invaluable services
Learn – essential information seldom taught in schools or universities
Support – and join the efforts that really do make a more just, equitable and sustainable world for all
Integrative Activism also offers concentrated portfolios for those who desire to put a little more into specific areas of concern desire to put a little more into specific areas of concern.

Yes, with a few simple actions

you can help to:

Mitigate and maybe solve the climate crisis

Save countless species from extinction

Mitigate and maybe solve the climate crisis

Feed the hungry and shelter the homeless

Reduce the threat of nuclear war and nuclear contamination

Repair and restore democratic integrity at home and around the world


it’s easier than ever to do more better.

So invest in the future by supporting one or more of these groups.

Within every group you’ll find cures for the causes and salves for the symptoms
for the world’s most pressing problems.

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But that’s not all!

Integrative Activism also provides some innovative initiatives to help in the mission to create a more just, equitable and sustainable world.


Provides the tools and techniques to help us all to better discern Truths from falsities while helping us to become more accurate, aligned and reliable in our mission.


Provides a strategy to help us build more honest government.


Provides insight and guidance to develop spiritual solutions to our collective problems.