Thank You for visiting this site. We hope this site is a valuable contribution in our collective efforts to make this world                                         happier, healthier, more just, equitable and sustainable. Integrative Activism is a product of love and appeals to you to consider all of the people, animals and things you love because they all need your help. It's easier than ever to do more good, but,

First, the bad news...

We now face a conflation of crises that constitute the greatest threat to life on this planet (our one and only home)

since life on Earth began.  You don't have to believe us here, but it would be wise to listen to the experts. The Pentagon, the Australian Military and thousands of best and brightest scientists have warned humanity that civilization may collapse within 20 or 30 years unless we

dramatically and quickly change our ways. You can read the reports for yourself, just click here for links to the reports.


Now for some good news...

We now have more highly educated intelligent people working to solve our problems utilizing the greatest technologies ever created in 

history. We also have more people understanding the nature and of our problems and striving to implement the tactics, strategies and programs

to effectuate the changes required. 



Integrative Activism aspires to provide the best and most comprehensive plan to 

save the gains of civilization and nature

by bringing you

cures for the causes and salves for the symptoms

of the world's most pressing problems.  

Regardless of your level of sophistication or degree of activity, Integrative Activism is sure to contain something or many things to make it easier for anyone to become more effective 

in effort to create a better world.


The challenges we face are complicated and interconnected so there aren't any simple or magic solutions. It may take some time and effort to go through the material presented here, but hopefully it is being presented in a fashion that makes it relatively easy and efficient to navigate. There is an abundance of links within to provide appropriate references and supporting evidence. 

That's part of the Good News. You are currently using the most powerful communication technologies ever developed to read these words. If you'd like to read more about

The Good News, just click the link.

If you are reading this, then you are probably aware that we have Big Problems and we are quickly running out of time to properly address them. IA (Integrative Activism) doesn't recommend that anyone spends too much time concentrating on the problems because it can easily be damaging to one's mental health. Let us instead concentrate on the solutions. The best place to start is with Integrative Charities, because there it is easier than ever to 

do the right thing

and support those doing truly good works.