Integrative Activism

is the business crafted to “Save the World”


July 4, 2026

Get ready

Independence Day
Of, By and For The People

On or By This Day May We The People

Amend the Constitution of the USA


Reform The Court(s)

Ensuring that;

Money is NOT Speech
Corporations are NOT People
The Electoral College is Abolished
There are equal freedoms OF and freedoms FROM Religions
Voting is a Right of Citizens that May Not be Infringed in any Manner

That is how we will truly

Make America Great Again !!!

Yes, amending the Constitution is how we can

Drain the Swamp – For Real This Time !!!

We may not accomplish all of these things by that date, but we can
make some of them inevitable

Why 2026 ?

July 4, 2026 will be the 250th birthday of the USA !

Yes, amending the Constitution is how we can

Amending the US Constitution is necessary because the Supreme Court usurped the ability to legislate from the bench. It started back when Thomas Jefferson was President in the Marbury v Madison case that established judicial review and boy was Jefferson pissed-off about that. Since then, the Supreme Court has usurped more power and has increasingly avoided appropriate oversight while making some terrible decisions such as effectively legalizing political bribery. You can read more about that a little later in the section, Reforming the Court(s), further down the page.

50 years of legalized political corruption is enough!

Remember, the IPCC has warned humanity that fossil fuel emissions must be cut 50% by 2030 for us to have just a 50% chance of avoiding catastrophic consequences of climate change. That has almost no chance of happening here in the USA with our corrupted electoral systems of anonymous unlimited legalized political bribery. The fossil fuel companies and their friends have way more disposable money to fund campaigns and fix the system than We, The People could ever hope to spend.

Amending the Constitution and reforming the Court(s) will help to ensure the successful legislative implementation of policies that the vast majority of Americans desperately desire;

  • High quality affordable healthcare for all
  • A fair system of taxation
  • A truly free press
  • Adequate affordable housing for all
  • Adequate affordable nutrition for all
  • High quality affordable education for all
  • Sane gun laws
  • Bountiful good paying jobs
  • Reasonable abortion law


Industries, individuals (billionaires, mostly) and the organizations they have established have grown too rich and powerful, successfully gaming the political system for their benefit at the expense of the 99% of the rest of us! Let’s change that before it’s too late.

HOW To Make it happen

July 4, 2026 will be the 250th birthday of the USA !

To make this happen we’ll need to build an adequate movement with a clear goal and a more clearly defined timeframe, a movement with regularly scheduled actions that will build momentum. Yes, we need to be proactive and plan ahead!

There are a lot of great organizations fighting good fights and all would be wise to work together to combat the corruption that is the root cause of the myriad of problems that has us scrambling to solve as a result. Go to Portfolios and you’ll find many high quality organizations you can join for our common defense! The following is a modest suggestion for the development of regularly

actions to begin building a framework for the accomplishment of the primary goal which is amending the US Constitution.

Year One: 2023

Begin with quarterly demonstration dates;

Spring – March has many historically significant dates associated with voting rights that make the end of March appropriate for a week or two of Democracy Days

April 26, 1978 was the First National Bank of Boston v. Belloti
decision that extended “free speech” rights (effective political bribery) to corporations.

Join, or Die = May 9, 1754

Summer – First Moon Landing Anniversary = Yes We Can Day = July 20 June 25, 2013 Shelby v Holder stripped voting rights

Fall – TBD

Winter – Dec. 19 = The Boston Tea Party was really a protest against big tax breaks for the giant corporation, The East India Trading Company. Just a week before Christmas makes this a logical date to buy local, not corporate!

Jan. 29 = honoring The Tillman Act = our 1st campaign finance law Also the date of the Buckley v Valeo decision !

50 years of legalized political corruption is enough!

Year Two: 2024

Monthly demonstration Dates; TBD

Year Three: 2025

Weekly demonstration dates? TBD

True Patriots will Move To Amend

Suggestions for actions;

  • Work the refs. Corporate media does a great job of marginalizing and avoiding the true root of our political problems because corporate media, on the whole, is owned by the rich and powerful who prefer to maintain the status quo rather than labor for honest reforms. Use the comments section to remind them and others about the true roots of the problem.
  • Use social media to help educate our fellow citizens and build a True Revolution.
  • Put pressure on political candidates to address the problem of legalized political bribery and
    use it as a litmus test to vet them!
  • Help create a Republican Reform Caucus because we need an overwhelming majority of
    True Patriotic Americans to;

Make America Great Again, for Real This Time

Drain The Swamp, for Real This Time


Moving To Amend in 2026

These are not only dates to take to the streets, but times to educate family, friends, neighbors, etc. Make it a day or a week of action. Work with your elected representatives if possible, urge the Congressional Progressive Caucus and other great organizations to join our efforts, post information on social media, organize meetings with appropriate groups such as your local Democratic Party, the Sierra Club or any NGO that you may belong to and participate in. Represent.Us has great educational videos available for viewing and Move to Amend has a store with lots of good merchandise including house party kits and lots of great information such as the Corporate Constitutional Rights Resource page.

WTF People,

Here is the bottom line…

Amending The Constitution of the USA is the single most effective action in our fight to maintain civilization and a habitable planet for complex life on this planet. If we don’t do it soon, the children of today will suffer horrors beyond the reach of our most powerful imaginations. It’s really that simple.

Reforming the Court(s)

The Supreme Court is corrupt or at least some of its members are and have been. If the court itself isn’t corrupt than some of its members are have supremely poor judgement. Here is just a bit of the history evidence;

In a series of rulings The Court has effectively legalized political bribery by conflating money with speech and by providing personhood status to corporations. You don’t have to believe us, do your own homework. It was in 1976, the Buckley v Valeo decision

The High Court gutted voting protections in the Voting Rights Act of 1965 justifying the action by arguing that racism was no longer existent in the USA because America now had its first black President (Obama). You can read about Shelby County v. Holder yourself over at the Huffpost, or the Guardian, and anybody who thinks that racism is a thing of the past is just plain crazy!

Gun violence is now the leading cause of childhood death in the USA because a majority of members of the Supreme Court are blind to the first portion of the second amendment that reads, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state…”. Either they don’t understand what well-regulated means or they don’t understand what security is for a majority of citizens or they’re simply corrupt.

The Dobbs decision was poorly thought through to say the least. It’s a complete mess with every state doing whatever the hell it wants. Yep, it’s just another of supremely poor judgement.

Visit if you’d like to see some good ideas about fixing the courts, but in this author’s opinion it’s not really adequate. We’ll get to that a little later though…