Don’t Believe

Don’t believe anything. I know it may seem like an audacious injunction and it may offend a lot of people, but I’ve come to understand the profoundly pervasive and pernicious effects of belief in our cultures so I feel compelled to share these insights.  Lots of people think that beliefs are sacred. How many times […]

Proud and Ashamed

I am proud and ashamed in oh so many ways. Isn’t everybody? If you’re true and honest, you’ll admit that too. As an American, I am proud and ashamed. The USA has a long list of accomplishments to be proud of. It also has a long list of things to be ashamed about. I’m not […]

Complimentary Impulses

    Conservative and liberal world views often seem like polar opposites and in some sense they are. It is a tragic mistake, however, to think of one as right and the other as wrong. They are mutually beneficial impulses, expressions of evolutionary forces. Each are necessary to create healthy species and cultures. The conservative […]

Saving the Gains

Saving the Gains of Civilization and Nature is the mission of Integrative Activism. The choice of wording is deliberate and reflects more precisely what our collective perspective should be considering the state of world circumstances. It is also a paradigm shift for most people. Paradigm shifts are one of the most powerful leverage points to […]

Intigrative Activism Blog

Welcome to the Integrative Activism Blog. Integrative Activism provides many of the best nonprofit organizations curated into Diversified & Concentrated Portfolios, providing an easy, effective, and comprehensive way to invest in a more more sustainable, just, healthy, and happy world for all. Check back for more blog posts coming soon. #AboutAI #SavingTheWorld