Know your enemies, shine the light where they hide.


We think it is important to know who our common enemies are and what they're up to. It is often difficult to discern who works against the common good because they hide behind veils of secrecy and bureaucracy. In other circumstances they work with a cloak of authority and utilize or create laws that provide immunity from prosecution. For these reasons and others we are working to create the common enemies lists. 


We have created a discussion board so that we may more easily work in a callobrative fashion. If you're not one of the bad guys or a deluded right-wing nut job, please feel free to join in the discussion. We understand that it will take the efforts of the many to bring to light the malicious works of a relatively nefarious few.


 To make this project more manageable we would like to organize these lists by categories; Enemies of Truth, Enemies of Justice, Enemies of Democracy and Enemies of Life. We realize that there will be considerable overlap, but that will be okay and only serve to reinforce who is the worst of the worst. We also think that it will be helpful to separate individuals and collective organizations such as industries or corporations. We also ask readers and forum participants to be mindful that there are many good and innocent people working within industries that may be part of the enemies lists and that we should never cast guilt by association alone. John Perkins, a self-confessed economic hit man explained that the job he once performed is now more sophisticately administered so that those who continue such work remain relatively unaware of the greater aims and goals of their employers.