Miracle Million Challenge

I'm praying for a miracle, working to make one happen and begging You to help make it a reality. In January 2020 more than 11,000 scientists issued humanity a warning that "untold suffering" awaits the worlds people if drastic changes are not made to what we are doing and we need to make those changes really fast.

Too many people don't understand how dire the situation is or how horrible life will become or how quickly it may happen and too many people simply don't know what to do. I'm not trying to convince anyone about the perils in the future. I am trying help us prevent catastrophe.

Integrative Charities makes it easier than ever for almost anyone and everyone to make a bigger and better impact in effort to make a more habitable, sustainable world. This is a challenge to make it happen quickly with minimum effort and expense.

I'm trying to raise $1,000,000 and all I'm asking you for is one dollar and to get one other person to contribute to this challenge. If one person accepted this challenge and everyone followed the lead, it would only take 21 days to meet the million dollar goal.

What will happen with that money? A minimum of 90% will be distributed to the organizations listed in Integral Charities. The remainder will be used to fund and develop Integrative Activism (as you have likely noticed Integrative Activism could really use some professional skills such as website development and legal and accounting help) along with providing seed money for the development of Integrative Activism initiatives like Contempt of Constituency and A Society of Global Democrats.

$20,000 will go to the founder of Integrative Activism which will prevent him from becoming destitute for another six months or more.

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