The Good News

The good news is that there are more well informed people working diligently to solve the big problems than ever before. These good people have conducted extensive research, devised strategies, created organizations, produced websites, videos, books and more, utilizing the most efficient and powerful technologies in history to facilitate our understanding of the problems we face and the solutions available.

The science of climate change has acquainted us with the concept of tipping points. We are now at a convergence of tipping points and some of these tipping points can easily effect collective actions that may change the trajectory of history back in favor of a more utopian future and away from dystopia.

The arc of the moral universe may be long and bending toward justice, but that arc is not smooth. Upon closer inspection we find a jagged line of peeks and troughs like charts of stock markets. The formation of the USA ushered in modern democracy that swept across the globe. The Arab Spring attempted to democratize a resistant region, yet setbacks have forestalled the fulfillment of such aspirations for millions. The last 14 years has resulted in global declines in the long processes of democratization, but it is only a matter of time that the good peoples will renew their efforts. The long struggle for racial equality has had its ebbs and flows, but recent events have seen Black Lives Matter rise with the solidarity of more white citizens than any other time in American history. This renewed push for racial justice was aided by the new technology of phone cameras while the internet is continuing to connect the world to the point where the renewed fight for racial justice has crossed the ocean and spread into Europe.

Although global democracy has been in decline for more than a decade, recent political events along with spreading new technologies have revealed the insidious mechanizations of oligarchs, plutocrats and kleptocrats as they attempt to consolidate tyrannical rule around the world. These would be rulers of a fearful new world order rely on old tactics and old fuels to push an agenda being more widely rejected by ever more sophisticated masses who are creating better models for building a more promising and hopeful vision for the future such as a green new deal that will transcend the outdated and flawed (incomplete) models of economics and governance.

There's a lot more good news that will soon be added to this post. Please feel free to share some other good news with us. If enough people participate, we'll compose a new section to accommodate the material.

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