The Business Plan

Integrative Activism will be structured (incorporated) as a for profit business for multiple reasons. Firstly is because the scope of the endeavor is too broad to fit into any nonprofit designation and would be overly restricted by such designations and the regulations that govern the activities of such organizations. Secondly, Integrative Activism represents decades of research and development that has displaced traditional career development and this author/founder would like to more fully concentrate efforts in this work despite the economic pressures of a near poverty laborer. Thirdly, the economic obstacles and time constraints restrict innumerable people from more fully engaging in activist activities which Integrative Charities is designed to address and is more fully explained below. Lastly, time is running out and it seems prudent to release as many useful ideas as quickly as possible so I give my apologies for the lack of spit and polish.

Some of the initiatives within Integrative Activism should be developed into independent nonprofit organizations such as; A Society of Global Democrats, The Responsible Firearms Association, The Spiritual Association for Peaceful Cooperation. The proper development of effective nonprofits is beyond the abilities of any one person, requires boards of directors and significant investments in time and money that this author lacks. Hopefully, others will collaborate and perhaps others will simply take some of the ideas presented here attempt to develop them on their own. I’m not encouraging intellectual theft, but I’d rather see that than a good idea go to waste.

Revenues may come from different streams and in stages. To begin, Integrative Activism will seek donations for further development, gratuities for the value presently provided and for seed funding for ongoing development. Integrative Charities is designed to be the fundraising aspect, operating as a traditional fundraising business. Creating diversified portfolios of the best and most important nonprofits is a selling point that factors in the prudence of simultaneously addressing; global, national, regional and local contexts with humanitarian, environmental, cultural and political considerations. This approach provides a more thoughtful and comprehensive strategy than the more usual reactive charitable impulse. This design attempts to provide the cures for the causes and alleviate the symptoms of our most pressing problems…cures for the causes, salve for the symptoms. Like many or most fundraising business, the profits derived will be commission based, the more you sell, the more you make. This provides opportunities for people to sell integrated portfolios as subcontractors and for Integrated Activism to develop a sales team.

Integrative Activism begins as a sole proprietorship and will hopefully transition into a S-corporation, enabling the venture to sell shares in the business that may attract other investors and collaborators.

One of the driving factors in the development of Integrative Activism was/is a desire to make it easier for people to earn a living as activists. Nonprofits are always looking for volunteers and paid positions don’t usually pay well. The bad guys, the polluters and conscienceless exploiters have all the money and have a great advantage in the hiring of morally bankrupt henchmen. Wouldn’t it be nice to level the playing field?

Considering that local and regional areas have varying needs, organizations and talents, Integrative Activism has the opportunity to create a franchise. Franchising could be even bigger bucks. Hell, let’s take it to Wall Street…can flowers grow in Hell?

If Integrative Activism ever grows in the manner outlined above, it is my intention to included income restrictions (caps) for any and all vested in operations and development. We live in a golden age of corruption fueled by opportunities for unlimited accumulations of wealth and the power it buys. With proper prudence and proper bylaws, Integrative Activism may be able to remain relatively immune to corruptive temptations and remain true to its mission…to save the gains of civilization and nature.

Integrative Activism is perhaps overly ambitious, but hey, isn’t the old advice to dream big, to aim high? This author and founder of Integrative Activism still needs to keep a roof over his head and food to sustain the body. I’ve been near the poverty line all my working life because I’m simply not a materialistic person. The good news there is that I don’t require much funding to continue my lifestyle.

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