The Best Plan

Integrative Activism strives to be the best, most comprehensive and innovative plan to help make the country and the world more just, equitable, healthier and happier.

What makes IA the best, most comprehensive and innovative plan?

Integrative Charities, by itself, may be considered the most comprehensive plan for saving the gains of civilization and nature. By creating and marketing diversified charitable portfolios people will be able to easily support a wide variety of worthwhile causes. This not only helps people to make better choices in their charitable giving but also helps to bring attention to many good causes and sources of information that may have otherwise escaped attention. This approach combines the efforts of many of the finest people and organizations striving to make the world a better place. For more on the subject, just click over to Integrative Charities.

While Integrative Charities itself is an innovation, there are other creative initiatives developed by Integrative Activism. These initiatives fill empty niches and provide needed functions in matters presently neglected or unaddressed. Some of these initiatives are designed to become stand alone non-profits and with help and participation of good people like you they soon will be. Others such as Deep Demonstration Dates are tools for activists. You can read about the initiatives by going up to the top navigation menu under the Solutions tab.

Lastly, Integrative Activism utilizes key leverage points, an AQAL approach, sound analysis and logic to organize and develop this ambitious endeavor. You can read more about that in Theory and Analysis.

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