Gun Nuts

Just 3% of Americans own one-half of the total privately owned guns in this country with an average of 17. That's 133 million guns! You can read more about that in The Guardian, a British publication, because corporate American media won't publish factual, meaningful information. Hell, the CDC has been prohibited by Congress to collect data about gun violence in the good old USA with legislation from 1996 known as the Dickey Amendment. Perhaps we should include September 30 as a DDD.

So how many of 22-31% of Americans who own guns are actually part of a well regulated militia? Do we even have well regulated militias? Perhaps some good Congressperson could introduce a bill to help the states create well regulated militias. After all, if a person is a true second amendment proponent, then they must promote well regulated militias. One can't be a true Constitutionalist if one only promotes half an amendment. Perhaps this could be a policy proposal from the Progressives or the Our Revolution candidates.

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