Crosscheck Doublecheck

There is increasing amount of people who greatly concerned about electoral fraud or theft in the coming 2018 elections. You won't hear about any of it from corporate media sources, but if you listen to any of the progressive sources, you many have noticed the chorus growing louder and increasingly frustrated and panicked.

The reasons for concern are well justified and varied. There are easily hackable and unverifiable voting machines in too many states which are now harder to replace with an increase in states controlled by republicans. A growing number of voter suppression laws will also be harder to counter with the recent republican gains.

There's almost nothing that can be done about dark money flowing into campaigns with Neil Gorsch joining the Supreme Injustices, so forget about that for now.

So what can we do? For one, we can pressure the democratic candidates to make these matters a top priority or at least steady talking points. Let it be well known that Democrats will likely need 10+% margin leads to win a race so getting out the vote will be more important than ever.

Another thing we can do is to better document the provisional ballot counts/non-counts created by the infamous crosscheck developed by Chris Kobach. Perhaps we can deter the use of crosscheck. Perhaps we can gather enough evidence of intentional and criminal voter suppression that we can successfully litigate in the courts. There are plenty of people think that Kobach belongs in jail.

Here's how to do that. We need to create crosscheck doublecheck crews who will be stationed as near to the polling stations as is legally possible where they can solicit every voter who found their self being given a provisional ballot because for reasons unknown to them they failed to be on the eligible voter registrar. Crosscheck doublecheckers will then coach those people on the further steps necessary steps they need to take to ensure that their vote is actually counted. They can also register with the doublecheckers who will compile a database of persons removed from the registered voter list which may supply ample evidence of criminal electoral tampering.

So let's get to work and concentrate our efforts in the places at greatest risk.

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