Electoral Fraud/Theft

There is ample evidence for citizens of the USA to doubt the integrity of electoral results for too many of our elected representative offices and therefore the legitimacy of our government.

We submit the following sources as evidence:

The investigative journalism of Greg Palast. www.gregpalast.com or search Greg Palast/videos

-excellent reporting on voter purging and voter suppression

The investigative works of Bev Harris at www.blackboxvoting.org

- a warehouse of information that started with investigations in voting machinery weirdness

www.truethevote.org claims a poll found 81% of Americans believe election fraud is a problem

www.electionnightgatekeepers.com gives evidence of media complicity

www.trustvote.org is dedicated to fighting election fraud

www.elctionjusticeusa.org was born from election fraud awareness in the 2016 primaries

Bob Fitrakis - author of several books on the subject now running for congress- - www.fitrakisforcongress.org

Jonathan Simon also published a book on the subject; Code Red

www.fairvote.org understands the electoral process isn't fair

www.letamericavote.org is fighting voter suppression

The Electoral Integrity Project ranked the USA last among all western democracies -

read about that here

Gerrymandering - just do some searches on gerrymandering and you'll find plenty of information on the subject including articles from even corporate media sources.

- consider that the courts have ruled redistricting in several states as unconstitutional, but the candidates who won seats in those districts remain in office

Dark money and Citizens United - 80% or more Americans think Citizens United should be overturned, but fat chance of that happening when 91% of Congressional seats are won by the candidate with the biggest bankroll and Supreme Injustices legislate from the bench.

represent.us has some great infographics that are just too hard to find so here's the link -


Consider this: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by about 3 million votes according to "official sources". If we adjust for uncounted votes, flipped votes and such, she may have won by 10-20 million votes and Democrats might be in control of Congress. Joseph Stalin tried to educate us and said, " Those who cast the votes decide nothing; those who count votes decide everything".

Who and how votes are counted in this country is a confusing mess, but we do know that the National Election Pool controls reporting. Yeah, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN are the members who get their information Associated Press that relies on Edison Research and Mitofsky International that provide projections and exit polling. According to Source Watch, the National Exit Poll "does not report actual survey results, but rather adjusts data to conform with official numbers before reporting them". WTF?

So there's corporate media to consider too... CBS chairman Les Moonves is on record commenting on Trump's candidacy said, "It's not good for America, but it's damn good for CBS". Remember how the networks had a virtual blackout on Bernie Sanders and covered Trump like flies on shit? P.T. Barnum is cited as saying that there no such thing as bad publicity. The torch was passes from one carnival barker to another.

Yeah, we have the FBI director James Comey messing with Hillary's chances, reports of Russian hacking into our electoral process and the so-called President himself screwing-up and telling the truth that the elections are rigged. Is that enough?

We did find a Gallup poll conducted in June and July of 2016 that found only 30% of Americans had confidence in the honesty of elections in general.

Secondly we have reasonable cause to suspect that corporate mass media sources are complicit in electoral fraud and electoral theft.

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