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The People's Plan to Restore Democracy in America is comprised of several efforts. A great place to start is with the investigative reporting done by Greg Palast because too few are familiar with his work that exposes the Republicans stealing elections. If they keep stealing elections then we're going to have lots of really bad things happen. So here he is...

Next we go to a great little video brought to us by explaining other fundamental problems with our political system.

Next we should see what says is the solution

That seems pretty darn good. They even got the Act passed in South Dakota and the crooked politicians there absolutely freaked-out.

Now we move to Move To Amend. This video is a bit longer, about half an hour and could be shortened for those with ADD

It all makes sense, doesn't it? It would be nice if we could move Move To Amend to amend it's mission and goals to include an affirmative right to vote because all that election theft would be a whole lot harder to pull off if we actually had a right to vote in The Constitution.There isn't one there now.

And how about that damn electoral college that was supposed to prevent us from getting Trumped by crazy demagaugs

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