To My Fellow American Citizens

I plead to You, my fellow American citizens to carefully consider the perils and opportunities of these times and then I implore you to endorse The People's Plan to Renew America.

To make this a successful effort will require a minimum of 101 million signatures on four separate yet related petitions as a first step. 101 million amounts to 51% of eligible voters in the USA. This may at first appear to be an unattainable ambition in what seems like a divided nation, but the numbers are on our side. 65 million people voted for Hillary Clinton. Millions of voters and votes were purged from the vote counts. 90-97 million eligible voters did not vote. That totals approximately 165 million eligible voters that did not vote for our present administration. In addition, 62 million people voted for Trump. Some of those were protest votes to spite the establishment. The People's Plan to Renew America will challenge and upset the establishment more profoundly and effectively than any vote for Trump could ever hope to accomplish while some of those who voted for Trump are now experiencing buyers remorse.

We must rise together and fix the fundamental flaws within our political systems if we are to hold any reasonable hope of sanely addressing the myriad of issues that affect us in varieties of ways. The People's Plan can fundamentally restore the integrity of this representative democratic republic to an authentic government Of, By, and For The People.

The values implicit within The People's Plan are conservative values, but they are not neoconservative values.

The values implicit within The People's Plan are liberal values, but they are not neoliberal values.

The values implicit within The People's Plan may be both liberal and conservative, but they are not merely liberal and conservative values, they are the most fundamental and sacred of American values.

The People's Plan is the next logical step in this great nation's enduring mission to form a more perfect union. The People's Plan honors the ideals and principles that constitute the foundation of our country and ensures that the struggles and sacrifices made by all the generations before us were not in vain, but that they now nourish the spirits of today's patriots fighting another battle in our long war against the ever shifting faces of tyrants and the tactics of oppression to make evermore inclusive our gains in the pursuit of life, liberties, freedom and justice for all.

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