We Can't Vote Our Way Out of This Mess

Please don't fool yourself or others. There are already too many people doing that. The truth definitely sucks, but it's the truth and we better realize the sad facts of the situation if we are to have any real hope of changing the political dysfunction.

We can'y vote our way out of this mess. Let's look at the facts.

Almost 3 million more people voted for Clinton than Trump. The numbers could be significantly higher when one considers that the Interstate Crosscheck system was utilized, voter suppression tactics were implemented, more that 50 members of the electoral college were illegitimately seated and many voting machines produce unverifiable results. The Republicans are mainly if not solely responsible for those things and more.

The republicans now (or soon will) control the House, the Senate, the Executive and a significant portion of the judiciary. The republicans control more state governments as well.

So, if the republicans won or stole more power by use of ethically and legally questionable tactics, what make you think that they won't do that again?

They will and their hand will be even stronger, their fraud will be more brazen while more gerrymandering will also strengthen their position.

We shouldn't expect Democrats to fight for us either. Only one senator and one house rep were needed to challenge the validity of some of those illegitimate electors, but not one did. Not even Bernie or Warren. Hillary Clinton didn't help Jill Stein's efforts to conduct recounts in swing states.

Just what is going on?

It really doesn't matter what's going on with the Democrats. What matters more is the timelines involved and what the Republicans might do. In the time it will take to reform the Democratic party and pass helpful legislation we'll have passed too many tipping points to prevent environmental collapse and the collapse of civilization. What really matters is that enough Americans understand how screwed up things really are, what the consequences will be and then take to the streets in more massive and consistent protests than we've ever seen before.

The numbers are on our side. About 25% of the eligible voting population actually voted for Trump. So more than 60 million Americans vote against Trump. Another 100 million Americans think that the political system is so screwed up that it's not even worth taking the trouble to vote. They just might be right. Millions of votes never do get counted. The chances of Congress passing legislation that The People want is statistically insignificant.

There's only one logical thing to do, one way to proceed. # not my government. Take to the streets. Let your favorite pundits, talk show hosts, family, friends and anyone who will listen know that we need to take to the streets and let the world know that we know that the US government is not legit.

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