Smoke and Mirrors

There's a lot of talk these days about Russians hacking into the American political process. It's just smoke and mirrors, a distraction from more important stories. The real and important story about the 2016 elections is the massive voter suppression utilizing the interstate crosscheck system. It's the story corporate media won't tell the public about. Then they can do it all again in 2018. There's probably more to it than just that, though. It makes for good theater....Trump fights the establishment while a new cold war ensues and we're all scared shitless that it might get hot, nuclear hot. Sure would be nice if we passed that Nuclear Sanity Act. Maybe the Narcissist in Chief could get a little help with that overwhelming need to overcompensate.

And then there was that little bill snuck into the National Defense Authorization Act (the military budget that's on the books), the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act. Oh, we need that to stop those foreign hackers and new sources. How long do you think it will be before they start using that to shut down those pesky liberal and progressive websites and radio programs?

Meanwhile, more states are trying to pass legislation modeled after North Carolina's infamous Bathroom Bill, HB2 (thanks ALEC or your little brother ). That was a lot of smoke and mirrors too. It's really about strengthening the state's ability to control more local and municipal authority, Dillon's Rule. The powers that that be can't have little guys making their own discrimination protection laws or raising wages. Yep, it's the guys who hate big intrusive government, until they get a little taste of power.

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