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Integrative Activism (IA) is structured (incorporated) as a business rather than a nonprofit organization.

Nonprofit organizations are legally constrained to limit their activities in accordance to their missions. This makes the range of activities preformed by nonprofits somewhat narrow. There are 31 different types of 501 designations. For profit organizations face fewer regulatory restrictions. Considering that Integrative Activism strives to be the most comprehensive form of activism, it is only logical to incorporate as business because the range and scope of activities exceeds any one type of 501. Multiple organizations would be required to be created to fill the wide variety of services preformed which would be bureaucratically and financially excessive.

IA does solicit charitable contributions in manner similar to most non-profits, but those donations will not be tax deductible for the donor. This may limit IA from soliciting some of the more wealthy donors, but only about 30% of Americans itemize their tax filings and are able to take advantage of such deductions. Considering that IA conspires and labors to undermine the power of the oligarchs and kleptocrats, they aren't going to support us anyway. While IA is structured as a for profit business, making money is not the goal and purpose of the enterprise.

IA understands that this will be a controversial decision, but consider that Bernie Sanders raised hundreds of millions of dollars in his historic campaign, all from small donations. A good cause is a great investment and poor people are more generous than the rich.

One of the problems with many non profit organizations is the utilization of volunteers. Volunteering for good causes is most often an invaluable service, but can be impractical for too many people who labor excessively just to keep from becoming destitute. Sixty-three percent of Americans are now so strapped that they cannot afford a $500 emergency while living in the richest country in the world.

Integrative Charities is the fundraising branch for a variety of non profit organizations and is in the process of legal structuring.

IA strives to develop methods of raising capital through product developments and services. The E-store is in development and t-shirts are in the works as well as published materials.


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