Breaking The Knot

The Knot is really a tangle of many knots, but we have to begin somewhere.

When we analyze the problems we face, we find that we need to prioritize.

The greatest problem we collectively face is the Sixth Mass Extinction because that could easily lead to the extinction of humanity itself.

The sixth extinction is being exponentially accelerated by climate change.

Climate change is not being adequately addressed because there is a lack of political will.

There is a lack of political will because democratic institutions have been corrupted so now the politicians are subservient to the oligarchs.

The People are divided and confused by outdated dysfunctional myths, mis- and dis- information (propaganda) spread through corrupt corporate media and other factors.

The above constitutes a rather minimal description of the conflated nature of our problems. Other factors have not been addressed and each listed deserves considerable extrapolation, but time is in limited supply, so let that suffice for the moment.

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