Need to know, part one

Here's what we need to understand.

1. Climate change is real and a greater, more imminent threat to life on Earth than most people seem to realize.

2. We cannot adequately address climate change without a properly functioning representative government.

3a. The United States' government is not a legitimate representative democratic republic because it has been captured by the oligarchs.

3b. It's highly improbable that we'll be able to vote our way out of this mess.

4. Corporate media is complicit in the subtle coup of the U.S. government.

5. The people in power don't give a damn that they hastening and ensuring the sixth mass extinction.

6. If we don't rectify these problems very quickly then more than 50% of life on Earth will become extinct by the end of the century if not much sooner.

7. None of the above is an exaggeration.

So think about what you love or care about the most. If you don't care about those points above, whatever you care about or love is.....doomed.

Let's look at these points in a little more depth. You can also visit the educational resources page for more good links.

1. provides some of the best reporting on the subject of climate change, so please, visit the site and learn more about feedback loops and stuff like that. Perhaps mass extinction by 2026 is a worst case scenario, but there are other credible sources that predict collapse(s) by 2036. So we don't know exactly when and how bad things will get, but we do know that we need to do a hell of a lot better addressing these problems than we are now.

2. Does this point really need to be expanded or is it self evident?

3a. A Princeton study concluded that the government doesn't give a damn about what The People want (or need). Former President Jimmy Carter publicly stated that the US government is now an oligarchy, not a representative democracy. Another Princeton study confirmed President Carter's claim. Too many organizations and people to list here understand that the U.S. government has been captured by oligarchs and corporatists, some of whom own mainstream media (propaganda).

3b. Nixon gained the Presidency through an act of treason. Reagan gained the Presidency through an act of treason. G.W. Bush gained the Presidency through electoral fraud and with help from a corrupt Supreme Court. Trump is now President elect through electoral fraud along with an unknown number of congressmen. Republicans (some of which are the perpetrators of electoral fraud) now control all three branches of government. Their use of electoral fraud grows in scope, boldness and ruthlessness. You can safely bet that they will continue to steal power and subvert democracy. We can't vote our way back to a government Of, By, and For The People.

4. None of the corporate media propagandists want you to know the truth. Greg Palast told us the elections would be stolen and showed us how. Refusal to cover the real news about the theft of our elections constitutes veritable proof that corporate media is complicit in the coup of American democracy.

5. Yes, mass extinction is happening now and accelerating. Elizabeth Colbert wrote an excellent book about it that won a Pulitzer prize (that corporate media never mentioned). Thom Hartmann wrote a book about it and produced a fine video. Thom's account is a little flawed because he conflates global warming with the sixth extinction whereas Elizabeth informed us that the sixth extinction began when humans hunted the megafauna to extinction mare than 10,000 years ago, long before industrialization. Guy McPherson has been talking about it for years. There are others who are also trying to get the message out but the oligarchs do a fine job drowning out the truth and distracting the public.

This author doesn't know what the oligarchs are thinking or planing, but is sure that they don't give a damn about the mass of humanity other than for purposes of exploitation. The top 1% now have as many resources or more than the remaining 99% of us. If us peasants can find good sources of information and discern the truth of matters, then the oligarchs should be at least as well informed.

Is it time to break out the torches and pitchforks?

6. This was covered above, but you can search for yourself. Just type, the sixth mass extinction, and maybe click on the video option

7. Scary, isn't it?

So, what do we do now?

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