An open letter to our Representatives

To all elected representatives, the attorney general and all appointed members of the judiciary in the United States of America,

As a legal citizen of these United States of America, I do hereby submit this grievance to all elected members of our government and to all appointed members of the judiciary.

I have sufficient cause to doubt the validity of the 2016 election results and do hereby formally and forcefully request an investigation into allegations of electoral fraud during the course of the aforementioned elections followed with appropriate indictments of all involved.

As a citizen of one of the most advanced nations on Earth I consider it unacceptable to lack reasonable confidence in our electoral processes and results. Allegations of voter suppression, voter purging, voter fraud, vote flipping by unverifiable voting machines, voting machine security systems being turned off during the elections, foreign hacking and claims by Donald Trump that the elections were rigged all contribute to a lack of confidence by the citizenry of our country (and throughout the world) at levels unprecedented in our history. This lack of confidence must be rectified and the unquestionable legitimacy of our government must be restored.

A failure to comply with this grievance will only contribute to the lack of confidence and further undermine the legitimacy of our government. Furthermore, it will be considered an act of contempt toward the constituency, subtle sedition and possibly treason. Compliancy should begin by adding your (elected representative’s or appointed representative’s) signature to this open letter of petition.

Yours truly,


To all signatories

It may be advisable and appropriate to request that Congress appoint Joe Biden as temporary acting President and Paul Ryan as acting Vice President during the course of the investigations until these matters are resolved to be followed with new elections for all elected positions throughout the country after appropriate electoral reforms have been instituted and approved by referendum by We, The People within two years time.

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