Electoral Truth and Consequences

Elections have consequences, profound consequences. Those who govern often indirectly determine who lives or dies through decisions involving; military engagements and war, the availability and quality of healthcare, environmental protections that affect the amounts and types of poisons introduced into our air, waters, lands, foods and bodies. Quality of life is affected through legislation affecting distributions and qualities of resources such as money, education, justice and liberty. Ultimately the political victors will determine the fate of life on this planet affecting which species will survive the intensifying sixth mass extinction.

There are those among us who say that their votes don't count and that is too often too tragically true. More than one-million Americans were unjustly denied the ability to vote and perhaps millions more didn't even have their votes counted while untold numbers of votes were potentially switched or flipped because many of the voting machines issue unverifiable counts. And there's that damn electoral college....

Tens of millions of Americans are rightly and deeply distressed about the election results along with perhaps billions of others from around the world. There is lots of talk about what to do now, but too little discussion about the legitimacy of the elections and none at all from corporate media sources.

The truth is that until we restore unquestionable integrity to the electoral process in the USA, the trajectory of the world will continue toward dystopia and mass extinction and ever farther away from justice, health, peace, prosperity, liberty and life.

If this logic is flawed and the reasoning is unsound, please let me know. I am currently suffering with PASD, Pre- Apocolyptic Stress Disorder. Reforming the electoral process in the USA won't cure my ills, but it would be a good start and some damn good medicine.

So how do we fix our broken system?

Step one; educate ourselves and our fellow citizens regarding how our electoral systems are corrupted and flawed. Thankfully there have been good dedicated people working to do so and include, but are not limited to; Greg Palast, Black Box Voting, Vote Scam, while there are others who are shills for the thieves of democracy such as Voter Integrity Project, If any of you would like to help, feel free to contribute to the list of organizations. This author is limited in the amount of time he is able contribute in service of our revolution and the resistance. Thanks!

Step two: organize, collaborate, protest and demonstrate, peacefully. If we more mindfully choose and schedule demonstration dates that corollate with relevant historical events, the impact of our demonstrations may be increased. This may also enable us to be more consistent and persistent in our struggle to reclaim our democracy, the first modern democracy that inspired the world which many paid the ultimate price to establish and protect for generations to come. Are you willing to honor those who risked and sacrificed so much for your freedoms that are now in dire peril?

Some suggested deep demonstration dates include;

Dec 10-12 These dates corollate to the Supreme Court's decision to stop the Florida recount of votes in the Bush v Gore presidential contest. Gore had more votes, but the Presidency was awarded to Bush. That stolen election should have been enough, but now we have more.

Jan 21 was the infamous Citizens United Ruling

Feb 22 was the date in 1797 that the New Jersey Assembly passed legislation allowing women the right to vote, a right that they soon thereafter lost. Will the women and those who support equal rights come out in force on this date in 2017? Or will you condone the misogynist in chief through non-participation?

March 6 was the Dread Scott decision in 1857 when the Supreme Court effectively eliminated black men from voting. If you support liberty and justice for all then March 6, 2017 is an auspicious date to take to the streets in opposition to the kleptocrats and in celebration of the progress we have made as a nation.

The last week of March is significant in our history of events pertaining to electoral participation and integrity.

  • March 26, 1790 passage of the Naturalization Act that excluded Native Americans, Negros and Asians from voting

  • March 27, 2002 brought passage of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act = McCain-Feingold Act

  • March 30, 1870 brought the 15th Amendment giving blacks the right to vote

April 9, 1886 was the passage of the Civil Rights Bill granting blacks the rights of citizens

April 11, 1968 President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act

May 6 was another legislated discrimination effort excluding Chinese from voting rights with the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882

June 4 brought a victory in 1919 for women's suffrage

June 25 was when the Supreme Court invalidated portions of the Voting Rights Act justifying the decision by asserting that we now lived in a post-racial society because the American People elected it's first black President by such overwhelming numbers that the kleptocrats were unable to steal that office without risking massive suspicions of their fraudulent adjustments to vote tallies.

July 18 was the date that the Supreme accepted to adjudicate the Citizens United Case

July 20 marks the anniversary of the first human to walk on the moon. What does that have to do with election reforms and stuff like that? That date is perhaps the best date to rally together to remember and celebrate what we can do as a people untied with a functional government Of, By and For The People.

Neil Armstrong said, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" and "We come in peace for all of humanity". So when millions of people demonstrate and celebrate on that day we reaffirm what we can do. Millions of others around the world should rally in solidarity with The New American Revolution because we do live in a global Society of Democrats who share this one precious planet, our only home that is currently in dire environmental peril and what happens in the United States affects the entire world.

August 6, 1965 the Voting Rights Act was signed into law

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