Stealing and Seizing The Future

How many elections must be stolen from the American people before they understand the true costs and consequences?

For those who are unaware that the elections have been rigged, I refer you first to Greg Palast, one of the few remaining investigative journalists of our times. His expose' of the Crosscheck system should be enough to make you join the revolution as part of the resistance, but if you'd like more then study-up on the black-box voting machines utilizing fraction magic to tally the counts or how about; voter suppression laws in 22 states, more than 860 polling stations eliminated in battleground states, a primary process manipulated by the Democratic establishment to rob the people of their preferred candidate here in Lesterland, dark money and the kochtopus exerting undue influence thanks to the Supreme Injustice's Citizen's United ruling....and yes there's more, like a complicit corporate media, but let's look at the consequences and what we can do about it.

The consequences are incalculable, but not unimaginable. More money and power for the plutocrats and kleptocrats, less for the people. Social safety nets may be torn, environmental protections will be weakened while climate change will be unabated accelerating the sixth mass extinction that will rob the future from a myriad of species, possibly our own.

What can we do about it? Massive peaceful civil disobedient protests of the election results are a nice start and already happening, but we also need proactive demonstrations to properly establish what we want and need to happen while educating ever greater numbers of our citizenry about the important issues that corporate media refuses to address. Deep demonstration dates offer a useful tool, a tactic and strategy for organizing, coordinating and educating.

If we are committed enough and work hard and smart enough, we could pull out the silver linings from those dark clouds that hang over so many of our heads and make this a win-win event for the people and the President-elect. It's a long shot, but it might be worth the try, so here it is....

Many of us think that Donald Trump doesn't really want the hardest job in the world and doesn't know what to do now that he has it in the near future. We can help get him out of the mess he helped create and to really make America great again while making him a real American hero, and a hero to people all around the globe.

He often asserted the the elections were rigged and he was right. If we the people can convince him that he should champion real and effective election reforms and call for those reforms to be implemented one to two years from now with new elections for all elected positions...we can restore the ideal of democracy as a system of governance Of, By and For The People.

Let's get to work!

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