Effective Electoral Reforms

The President-elect asserted that the elections were rigged and testified to the people that wealthy people routinely legally bribe politicians for legislative favors. Kudos to the man for telling those truths. Perhaps We The People can work with the new President and implement effective electoral reforms to really make America great again, but what are the reforms that will really work?

THE RIGHT TO VOTE ; All adult citizens in the USA should be Constitutionally guaranteed the right to vote in convenient secure polling places with verifiable equipment to ensure that all citizen's votes are properly counted in accordance with their intentions.

NONPARTISAN ELECTION ADMINISTRATION; The current Federal Election Commission is wholly dysfunctional and must be administered by nonpartisan members. At the state level elections are administered by officials elected by party affiliation who sometimes serve as campaign managers for candidates which produces egregious yet legal conflicts of interests.

EQUAL MEDIA ACCESS; Require licensed radio and television stations to provide equal time to all ballot-qualified candidates. Corporate media was complicit in "rigging" the 2016 elections, especially the presidential by marginalizing Sanders and providing Trump with billions of dollars of free air-time.

PUBLIC FINANCING; Public elections should be publicly financed because approximately 90% of elections are won by the candidates who spend the most money during their candidacy. This will likely require a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Citizen's United ruling. To read more about that, click here.

ABOLISH THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE; You can sign a petition to do so or read why we should and probably won't or watch a former attorney general advocate to do so. One person, one vote is the fairest way to elect. And to be even more fair how about instituting

EQUAL REPRESENTATION; Instant runoff voting (or watch an informative but cheesy video) and proportional representation are systems that other democracies utilize. It's time that we modernize and make these common sense changes.

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