Saving the Gains

For those of us who know how bad things really are, the question is not how we can avert disaster, but how we can minimize the inevitable disasters in the near future and how can we save the gains produced by nature and civilization.

The Global Genome Initiative is an example of knowledgable people attempting to preserve some of the rich genetic diversity, the real wealth, of our planet. England is building a Frozen Ark, San Diego has a Frozen Zoo, Norway hosts the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and there are those mysterious Georgia Guide Stones. intended to give advice for the survivors of collapse.

Forgive me for the last source. I don't like to promote conspiracy theories because too many people utilize conspiracy theories to justify and rationalize anti-government attitudes and actions. Anti-government attitudes only strengthen the hold of the kleptocrats, plutocrats and corporate fascists. The problems are more often caused by democratic deficits, but I digress and shouldn't get caught in a rabbit hole leading to underground cities, that would be D.U.M.B.

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