The Right Thing To Do

Sometimes figuring out what the right thing to do can be difficult. Life can be filled with conflicting desires, interests and priorities while time for contemplation is often limited by our obligations and commitments.

For decades I struggled trying to understand how to apply the eight-fold path into a contemporary layman's life. What is the; right view or understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration? Those things often seem to change with each moment, each context.

When I was a child I would occasionally ask my parents for advice and their reply would usually be, "Do what you think is right". It was maddening because I was just a kid, but it did teach me to think for myself.

Today I am no longer confused. I better understand and appreciate the rich interconnectedness of all things in nature, especially life. I understand the condition of our biosphere and it is profoundly saddening and terrifying.

The majority of us understand that climate change is real and poses an immanent threat to us all. Wildfires and floods are increasingly severe and frequent as political divisions prevent appropriate governmental responses to solve or even mitigate existential problems. Wealth Inequalities continue to grow leaving the majority of our citizenry impoverished of basic resources such as ample time to educate themselves to the real causes and solutions for the looming crises.

It seems that far too few of us have an adequate realization of how little time we have or how radically we need to act to prevent complete disaster. Nor does it appear that many, or even the few have taken the time to contemplate the horrors around the corner. The most elderly among us may escape witnessing the gruesome atrocities that lie in the potentials of our future, but others will not, especially the youth of today.

So think of the things you love; the people, the animals, the plants, the products and conveniences of culture...think, and do a little research. Think about what the right things to do really are.

Integrative Activism is an effort to do the right thing. Hopefully this effort will help many people to more easily do the right thing.

What is the right thing for you to do? That is your choice.

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