Buy Local Day

December 19 is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and provides us with an excellent opportunity to remind our fellow citizens of an all too forgotten pivotal event in American history.

Most Americans know that a group of rebellious colonists disguised as indians boarded a ship and threw the cargo of tea into Boston Harbor, but far too few Americans know why or know who owned the tea or the ship. Ask and you'll get vague incorrect answers about it being British tea that was taxed too much. The truth is that the tea belonged to the world's first multinational corporation and wasn't being taxed enough.

The ship and the tea belonged to the East India Trading Company, formerly known as the Dutch East India Trading Company. They dropped the "Dutch" out of the company's name when they sold stocks in the business to wealthy aristocrats in Europe thus becoming the world's first multinational corporation.

The British government passed The Tea Act of 1773 that gave the East India Company tax exemption for any tea sold in the American Colonies. The smaller private American importers of tea were unable to compete with the giant government subsidized corporation. That is why they vandalized the tea.

Today many American small businesses experience similar unfair market conditions. Today is the day we begin and continue to fulfill the original American Dream of a government Of, By and For The People free from the tyranny of the collusion between government and massive corporations or from a government captured by corporate interests.

Today, your purchase of a locally produced and locally sold product renews our revolutionary spirit and reminds us of our shared history as proud Americans. Today is our day to support our local and national communities and begin to reclaim democracy from the multi- or trans- national corporate powers who seek to subvert the virtues of sovereignty around the world by use of law that ignores justice through unelected bodies such as the ISDS = Investor-State Dispute Settlement system or ICS = Investment (corporate) Court System.

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