Theory and Analysis


We begin with Ken Wilber's AQAL model which can be useful helping us to consider the different dimensions or domains and their relationships to each other and was a significant inspiration in the conceptual development of Integrative Activism. Wilber's writings contain brilliant synthesis of multiple disciplines, deep and sometimes useful insights, but can contain distortions from an overly developed cognitive line and cultish ego that fails to produce the sweet fruits of the truly selfless. A critique of specifics may follow in the future, but remains beyond the scope of this essay.

Donella Meadow's brilliant essay, Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System is an excellent resource for anyone looking to alter systems. Paradigms and the ability to change them are listed as the most effective leverage points which is why Integrative Activism devotes considerable effort to promote new paradigms as promoted by David Korten, Daniel Quinn, Thom Hartmann and others which can be found in the Educational Resources section. This is also why Integrative Activism is devoted to developing new paradigms as well as promoting adjustments to other leverage points.


Mitigating Climate Change/Global Warming and the ensuing Sixth Mass Extinction should be our highest collective priority, yet cultural, economic and political inertia and momentum are preventing humanity from adequately addressing these problems.

The USA remains the largest economy with the highest per capita ecological footprint, the largest military force, is the origin of the most and most powerful corporations while managing the worlds reserve currency, therefore healing the diseased political body of the USA is essential to solving or mitigating our most pressing problems.

Yes, the political body of the USA is diseased and corrupted by relatively small and powerful self-interested factions and therefore must be restored to a system of integrity and virtue. These factions have infected both the Democratic and Republican parties although the progressive wing of the Democratic party maintains a degree of immunity and was championed by Bernie Sanders' campaign in 2016.

The so called conservatives of the right are among the most severely infected by the seditious propaganda promoted by the plutocrats. Real conservative attitude is an integral component of the human psyche and needs to be restored to it's normal healthy version. David Korten is one of the best examples of a healthy well-educated conservative. He refers to himself and those like him as progressive conservatives. Integrative Activism is therefore dedicated to building a reformed conservative movement that may be referred to as progressive conservatives and to resolving the conflict of liberal and conservative worldviews to a proper synergistic harmonious balance.

Religion is all too often utilized by unscrupulous demagogues to influence people at the lower levels of conscious development to support those aligned with narrow shortsighted agendas that are counterproductive to the overall health of societies and of the biosphere. In many areas of the developed world religiosity has been waning for centuries, but conflict and stress can reverse the trend and the blowback effect can reinforce irrational beliefs. Existential angst in the absence of religion can result in a lack of meaningful engagement within society. Religion coupled with science can result in cognitive dissonance. For these reasons, Integrative Activism is dedicated to evolving a spiritual association for the transcendence of religion.

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