Our Story From The Future

If humanity survives the sixth mass extinction, a story will be known to all. There will be variations by the story-tellers, but the basic story will be something like this....

Once, long long ago, people lived in harmony with the Earth and nature as one of the animals. In those times there were more animals of greater varieties than we can even imagine today. The web of life was rich and healthy beyond belief.

Things changed when people learned to use fire, learned to farm and learned to make tools with increasing sophistication. Civilization developed as our bounty grew and the patriarchy seized power to rule the world for thousands of years using all manner of violence to ensure their dominating control. The men crafted religions which banished Spirit from the Great Mother Earth and claimed that all that was good came from a great father in the heavens that must be obeyed.

People multiplied without conscience and exploited the resources of the Earth without conscience or foresight of consequence. They captured the animals and raised them to feed their greedy appetites. They built giant cities and horrible machines that fed on fires. First, they burned plants, then rock and then the very blood of Earth. They even learned to burn metal and to capture and harness lightening for their own delight.

People became bewitched and enchanted by the world they built by use of fire and machine. As people burned more and more the Earth became poisoned with their waste and grew hotter than it had ever been until the web of life began to tear and melt. The Great Burning Death spread across the lands and throughout the seas. The people fought each other for what little food, water and fuels remained. People ate all the animals and even each other.

More than 9 out 10 of all living things died in those horrible years. Nine out of ten types or species of plants, animals, fish and insects vanished from the Earth in a generation's time and will never exist again.

This is why, dear children, that we live as we do. This is why men may not rule the tribes as they did before. This is why we do not eat the animals that share our homelands. This is why we reject any god that lives in the sky and revere the Great Spirit that flows through all things. This is why we live in peace and forbid violence. This is why we value who we are and what we do far more than what we have.

The ruins of the old world are found all around the world and testify to the truth of our story. They will last for thousands of years and serve as reminders to us all that life is sacred, care and respect for nature is the greatest good.

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