solving and mitigating the world's mot pressing problems.

Yes, we have big problems that are truly existential crises. While it is necessary to understand problems before we attempt to solve them, it can be counter productive to spend too much time dwelling on problems as that can lead to depression and despair which never help to solve the problems. The following will help the reader to understand our problems along with an educational resources section for those that desire some easy links for study.  

The words of Voltaire helped inspire this author to persist through decades to understand the real problems we share and to develop strategies and tactics to address them. May they serve you as well. 


"No problem can withstand the assult of sustained thinking"

The magnitude, complexity and horrific implications of our present crisis is part of the problem. If we find the courage and time to face the problems we have, we find that there are a variety of issues that we must simultaneously address because they are interconnected like a tangled knot. We won"t solve the climate/extinction crisis without political reforms. We won't get political reforms without an adequately informed public. We won't have an adequately informed public without media reforms. We won"t have media reforms without political reforms. We won't have political reforms without cultural reforms. We won't have cultural reforms without spiritual awakenings.....and on and on it goes.

This is why Integrative Activism is dedicated to creating and implementing a more comprehensive form of  activism.



The Sixth Mass Extinction - is already happening and gaining momentum. Elizabeth Kolbert wrote an excellent book on the subject  and I can't praise it enough. There are good websites devoted to the subject such as; Green World Rising which has some great videos. TheSixthExtinction hosts a discussion board, The Center for Biodiversity is working to educate the                                                   people as well as action bioscience and there's a good YouTube video about it. Paul Ehrlich warns us                                                          and most of the corporate "news" sources have published something about it, but the sixth mass                                                                 extinction remains the most important and under-reported story of our times. A collapse of the food chain                                                 will cause a collapse of civilization and human population which will likely happen within your                                                                     grandchildren's lives as we pass tipping points in the climate crisis. You can learn more by visiting; 

                                                Planet Extinction, Global Crisis Now, the Scientific American or by doing your own search.


Climate Crisis - really? there's so much credible evidence that we have a climate crisis and are crossing tipping points creating         positive feedback loops that it's a waste of time and energy to address it here. If you don't know about it please learn! If you are a science denier then get off the f*@king computer you damn hypocrite, stop using electricity and join the Amish who are among the few conservatives with any real integrity!


Political Corruption in the USA - is greatly contributing to the demise of the biosphere. Political corruption is nothing new, but the present levels of corruption in the USA is unprecedented and now threatens the very foundations of the constitutional democratic republic. We can attribute a series Supreme Court rulings for this sad state of affairs and it is imperative for the citizenry to understand how this came to be if we are to have any real hope in rectifying matters. A little homework on Lewis Powell, his memo or manifesto, and subsequent Supreme Court rulings; Buckley v Valeo, First National Bank of Boston v. Belloti which gave precedent for the rulings such as Citizens United and more. A short and excellent book on the subject is The Hidden History of the Supreme Court.  Thom Hartmann's show is widely available and highly instructive along with other programing available on FSTV. Reversing these Supreme Betrayals won't be easy which is why Integrative Activism is developing The Peoples Plan to Restore Democracy.

Global Political Corruption - is nothing new, we've seen it before. It leads to fascism, Nazis and other forms of tyranny. It is presently in vogue within popular media to refer to authoritarianism which, I fear, drastically understates the problem. While there are lessons to be learned from the past as described within On Tyranny,  and A Report on the Banality of Evil, and others, there are some more modern developments that we would be wise to consider. The dissolution of the USSR created consequences that are culminating today. Capitalism became more unfettered and a new class of global oligarchs, plutocrats and kleptocrats gathered unprecedented wealth and power. Many of these people find more in common with each other than their country's people. As a result, democracy and democratic institutions around the globe are under assault as never before. Anti-democratic forces now have influence in every country on Earth as international alliances weaken. Freedom House has published a report, Democracy in Crisis, and other experts such as Larry Diamond produce some great work that is well worth study. Because of these revelations and other consideration, Integrative is working to create the greatest experiment and exercise in democracy in the history of the world by developing and establishing A Society of Global Democrats. 

Human Overpopulation - Yes, it's a big problem and a particularly tricky one. The single best way to "solve" to continuance of this problem is to ensure that women have equal rights and have unrestricted reproductive rights.


Nuclear Disasters and Threats - will be greatly reduced with more political integrity.  

Environmental Degradation - is caused by a bunch of things.