Integrative Activism is developing an online store where a portion of the revenues will be donated to charitable organizations. Because Asheville, NC is the home of Integrative Activism, our online store will be concentrating on developing its' product line with items produced locally, with 25-50% of the charitable proceeds given to local and regional non-profit groups. The remaining 50-75% of charitable proceeds will fund more non-profits in the greater region, national and international contexts. That's the basic model.


A small portion of sales revenues will be retained by Integrative Activism to cover operating costs and for additional investments for the growth of the business.


It is the ambition of Integrative Activism to make Asheville, NC the most charitable city on the planet and the community that does the greatest good of any community in the world. It's a mighty big goal, but aim high and think big has been the advice of many. We would love to see other cities compete for the title of the biggest per capita do gooders. 


If you would like Integrative Activism to market your product, please contact us.

Integrative Activism would also like to establish a Matching Charity Challenge and serve as an advertiser for various business that wish to participate. Purchasers would be willing to pay an additional percentage for products or services while sellers would match that percentage and the proceeds would go Integrative Charities and then distributed to various non-profit organizations. More adventurous and generous sellers could pledge to double the match....we'll work it out.


After the E-store is properly established and staffed, it is the hope of Integrative Activism to franchise the business model into other cities and regions.