Integrative Charities
Makes it easier than ever to do more better...
With cures for the causes and salves for the symptoms of the world's most pressing problems.
That's right, with just one simple donation, you'll be supporting a wide variety of worthwhile organizations. 
It's a diversified portfolio of charitable investments. You'll be helping to;
fix our dysfunctional political body, protect and repair our environment along with the web of life,
 solve the climate crisis, feed the hungry, insure the safety and purity of our food supply,
 fix the financial system,  educate the populace while providing hope and inspiration to countless people.
So here's Package One
These organizations provide excellent educational materials so just use the hot-links and explore the valuable information provided and be sure to share the good news with family and friends.
The organizations listed above constitute one package or group.
            Integrative Charities will regularly rotate the organizations featured within packages. How often packages/ portfolios change or rotate will likely depend on the participation and generosity of donors to this service. 
But there is no doubt that one of the best ways to make the world a better place is to
support and promote those who are doing truly good works
There are so many good organizations that it often becomes overwhelming trying to learn about and decide which organization that we choose to support. The portfolios here are intended to be well-rounded and diverse. There are alternative methods of grouping and in the future we may offer alternative groupings with a greater variety of options, but we already have numerous packages compiled and lack a webmaster or funds to pay for one,'s more for now...

                                                                                                                     Package 2


Greenpeace - World Wildlife Fund - Amnesty International - Doctors Without Borders - Climate Power 2020 -

The Center for Public Integrity -    Global Integrity - National Alliance to End Homelessness - Frozen Ark - 

Music and Memory - World Resources Institute - ALEC exposed -

corporate accountability project - World Central Kitchen - Saint Jude's Children's HospitalsPublic Citizen -            

The Humane Society - Arms Control Association - WNCW - Battle For the Net -  

     Trying to support all the great causes can easily become cost prohibitive and discouraging. Five, ten or twenty dollars here and there isn't feasible for many or most of us, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here at Integrative Charities you can invest in a wide range of good causes in any amount you choose. A donation of just one dollar to a group of 20 organizations may only be about 5 cents to each, but if a million or more people chip in, it can add up quickly and in these troubling times it matters now more than ever. So chip in what you can and share this with one or two others because
we're all in this together.
Group Three

Earth Guardians -

Corporate Accountability Project -

Change dot Org - 

Arms Control Association -

Moms Demand Action -

CELDF - -Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund

Oceana -

Coral Reef Alliance -

Action Against Hunger -

Veterans for Peace -  

Open Markets Institute -  

Economic Policy Institute -    

Charity Navigator -

Inequality .org -

Farm Link Project -

Mad as Hell Doctors -

Fix the Court -

Fight for 15 -

Group Four

Defend Democracy .eu - …see news.                            

Friends Of Earth -                                                                                  

Sunrise Movement -     

Human Rights Watch -                                                                 

Feed the Children -                                                    

World Land Trust -                                                       

Center for Food Safety -                                       

5 gyres -                                                                                   

Frozen Ark -                                                                          

Color of Change -                                                                 

Oxfam -

Nuke Free -                                                                         

Rain Forest Trust -                                                     

The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund -                                                 

Charity Watch -

American Forest Foundation -

The Poor Peoples Campaign -

The Life You Can Save - 

Meals On Wheels -

Medicare 4 All -

Local Packages/Portfolios 

Local packages will not be immediately available and will take longer to develop in accordance to the business plan of Integrative Activism. In accordance to the plan, Integrative Charities is initially established as a sole proprietorship fundraising business. When enough interest and participation accrues and an appropriate board of directors is organized, Integrative Activism will then transition to a S-corporation. S-corporations issue shares which may be sold and utilized to establish what will be in effect local franchises. As more localized branches are established, local charitable portfolios will be created. These local portfolios will then be added to supplement the more international and national packages. For example.... 


Local Package 1 - Asheville, NC and regional Aid

Manna Food Bank - Pisgah Legal Services - Girls On The Run - The Dogwood Alliance - Canary Coalition - RiverLink - Asheville Humane Society -

Brother Wolf - Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy - Eliada Homes -  Homeward Bound WNC - Mountain Biz Works - Just Economics WNC -