Integrative Charities
Makes it easier than ever to do more better
That's right, with just one simple donation, you'll be supporting all of these worthwhile organizations:
Move To Amend, Fair Vote, The American Anti-Corruption Act, Represent Us
United For a Fair Economy, Public Banking Institute, Free Speech TV, Earth Justice
The Environmental Working Group, Center For Biodiversity, The Nature Conservancy, Food and Water Watch
Project Drawdown, Beyond Nuclear, UNICEF, The Equality Trust, Mercy For Animals, Oceana
Coral Reef Alliance, 

Integral Charities is designed to make charitable giving to the most worthwhile nonprofit organizations as easy as possible. It also helps to diversify your generosity in a similar way that investment companies use to create diversified investment portfolios. 

If you are anything like us, there are more good organizations worth supporting than we could ever hope to support alone. Together we can do better and we can do more. There are currently more than 1.5 million nonprofit groups in the United States alone which can make decisions concerning who to support an overwhelming process. Not all of those groups merit support, of course, which is why Integral Activism thoroughly researches each organization before they are included into a package.


We also feel it important to simultaneously support local, regional, national and international efforts in a variety of efforts that address as many issues as possible which can be broken into categories including but not limited to; environmental, social justice, social welfare, food safety, public policy, animal welfare, etc. 

While it is prudent to address the causes of our problems, we should also attend to the symptoms that arise from the infections, This way we can cure the causes while alleviating the discomforting symptoms. 

By contributing to Integral Charities, your single charitable contribution will be distributed to a wide variety of the best organizations. After all, one of the best ways to make the world a better place is to support those who are doing truly good works.

The following packages are examples of portfolios that Integrative Charities will support and are subject to changes. We presently have an extensive list of enough good organizations to rotate them on a quarterly or even a monthly basis. We are developing an alternative method that will enable the user of this service to choose individual organizations by point and click then donating a chosen amount which will be evenly distributed to the organizations chosen. Eventually perhaps, the user will be able to choose dollar amounts specific to each organization but that is presently more sophisticated than feasible. How this is managed will depend on feedback from good people like you.


                                                                                                                    Package 1


represent.usMove To Amend - Fair Vote - These organizations need your participation more than they need your money. They do have operating expenses though and they have produced very informative and educational materials so surf on over, watch some videos and get involved.


Free Speech TV is the nation's only completely publicly financed news network that remains uncorrupted by corporate interests. They really do need the money and they are well worth it. You don't have to donate though, you can watch it for free!


the Greg Palast Investigative Fund is worth supporting too


Open Secrets and MapLight are both great resource that helps us to follow the money trails throughout politics and industries.


ALEC exposed reveals who is writing and promoting legislation that benefit the wealthy few at the expense of the many.

the Public Banking Institute works to make finance benefit The People, not the banksters.


 World Resources Institute 




MapLightUnited for a Fair Economy - EarthJustice - Project Drawdown

Public Banking Institute - Coral Reef Alliance - Frozen Ark - Music and Memory - Center for Biodiversity - The Nature Conservancy - 

Mercy for Animals - ALEC exposed Follow the Money - Open Secrets - Food and Water Watch - Greg Palast Investigative Fund 

Free Speech TV - Poor People's Campaign


Local Packages/Portfolios 

Local packages will not be immediately available and will take longer to develop in accordance to the business plan of Integrative Activism. In accordance to the plan, Integrative Charities is initially established as a sole proprietorship fundraising business. When enough interest and participation accrues and an appropriate board of directors is organized, Integrative Activism will then transition to a S-corporation. S-corporations issue shares which may be sold and utilized to establish what will be in effect local franchises. As more localized branches are established, local charitable portfolios will be created. These local portfolios will then be added to supplement the more international and national packages. As an example.... 


Local Package 1 - Asheville, NC and regional Aid

Manna Food Bank - Pisgah Legal Services - Girls On The Run - The Dogwood Alliance - Canary Coalition - RiverLink - Asheville Humane Society -

Brother Wolf - Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy - Eliada Homes -