Thank God You're Here!

Your country needs your help. The world needs your help. There are very real bad guys, autocrats,

plutocrats, kleptocrats, demagogues and tyrants of every stripe who are waging wars against

freedom and democracy in every corner of the globe. They are sociopaths and psychopaths 

who are willing to destroy the present and future health and happiness of billions of innocent people.

If we don't stop them, they will destroy the vast majority of life on this planet in an attempt to

fulfill their insatiable greed for money and lust for power.

Maybe You haven't noticed or heard or read, but life on this planet is already in immanent peril.

There is a climate crisis and a mass extinction event occurring along with resource depletions, human overpopulation and inequalities contributing to social and political instability that could easily lead to the collapse of civilization in your lifetime and the possible extinction of our species by the end of this century. 

It's not a joke and it's not hyperbole.

You don't have to believe us here at Integrative Activism, but you should heed the warnings of the world's most credible experts (we've made it easy, just click here to do your own homework) , utilize the precautionary principle and think about the people, animals and other things you love...

Then navigate over to Integrative Charities where it is easier than ever to do the right thing and do more good as you participate in

The Million Millennium Challenge