Miracle Million Challenge

I'm praying for a miracle, working to make one happen and begging You to help make it a reality. In January 2020 more than 11,000 scientists issued humanity a warning that "untold suffering" awaits the worlds people if drastic changes are not made to what we are doing and we need to make those changes really fast. Too many people don't understand how dire the situation is or how horrible life will become or how quickly it may happen and too many people simply don't know what to do. I'm not trying to convince anyone about the perils in the future. I am trying help us prevent catastrophe. Integrative Charities makes it easier than ever for almost anyone and everyone to make a bigger and better

Lessons from the Curve(s)

Now that we know what it means to flatten the curve, can we please apply this lesson to other appropriate things? While the corona virus pandemic sweeps the world, let us not forget that there are even greater dangers affecting life on this planet, our one and only home. Climate change and the sixth mass extinction will eventually kill more people than Covid-19. It’s not going to happen this year or the next, but it’s far far closer than most people believe. Too many people will think that is an exaggeration, that this author is an alarmist. It’s true, this author is an alarmist, but the alarm needs to be sounded, heard and understood because the threats are just as real and even more danger

The Good News

The good news is that there are more well informed people working diligently to solve the big problems than ever before. These good people have conducted extensive research, devised strategies, created organizations, produced websites, videos, books and more, utilizing the most efficient and powerful technologies in history to facilitate our understanding of the problems we face and the solutions available. The science of climate change has acquainted us with the concept of tipping points. We are now at a convergence of tipping points and some of these tipping points can easily effect collective actions that may change the trajectory of history back in favor of a more utopian future and away

Complimentary Forces

Conservative and liberal worldviews often seem like polar opposites and in some sense they are. It is a tragic mistake, however, to think of one as right and the other as wrong. They are mutually beneficial impulses, expressions of evolutionary forces. Each are necessary to create healthy species and cultures. The conservative impulse is to remain rooted in traditional convention, to maintain the status quo. The result of this is to create unique and specialized versions of species and cultures. We can think of it as a divergent evolutionary mechanism. When species stay rooted in specific localities, they adapt to their environment and traits well suited to those environs become enhanced and

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