The Business Plan

Integrative Activism will be structured (incorporated) as a for profit business for multiple reasons. Firstly is because the scope of the endeavor is too broad to fit into any nonprofit designation and would be overly restricted by such designations and the regulations that govern the activities of such organizations. Secondly, Integrative Activism represents decades of research and development that has displaced traditional career development and this author/founder would like to more fully concentrate efforts in this work despite the economic pressures of a near poverty laborer. Thirdly, the economic obstacles and time constraints restrict innumerable people from more fully engaging in act

The Best Plan

Integrative Activism strives to be the best, most comprehensive and innovative plan to help make the country and the world more just, equitable, healthier and happier. What makes IA the best, most comprehensive and innovative plan? Integrative Charities, by itself, may be considered the most comprehensive plan for saving the gains of civilization and nature. By creating and marketing diversified charitable portfolios people will be able to easily support a wide variety of worthwhile causes. This not only helps people to make better choices in their charitable giving but also helps to bring attention to many good causes and sources of information that may have otherwise escaped attention. Thi

Saving the Gains

Saving the Gains of Civilization and Nature is the mission of Integrative Activism. The choice of wording is deliberate and reflects more precisely what our collective perspective should be considering the state of world circumstances. It is also a paradigm shift for most people. Paradigm shifts are one of the most powerful leverage points to effect change within a system according to Donnella Meadows. It is now the beginning of September and we are all struggling with the Corona virus pandemic. Everyone just wants to get back to normal, but that's not really an option. The old normal was driving us to points of collapse with overpopulation, over consumption of natural resources, growing ine

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