What's at Stake and When Will it Happpen

Everyone should know what's at stake. What's at stake is the survival of life on this planet, which of course includes the survival of the human race. It's not exaggeration or paranoid delusion. The scientific consensus is that we are presently within this planet's sixth mass extinction event. It doesn't get any more serious than that. More than 15,000 scientists recently issued a warning to humanity that we need to radically change our ways very quickly if we want to keep a livable world. Everyone should have at least some familiarity with the timelines involved and the projected dates for the coming apocalypse. Some smart and well educated people estimate the collapse of civilization by 20

Valuing Inequality

Do you think that you know the distributions of wealth in your country or around the world? And what do you know about the effects of inequality? How about the history of such? Mother Jones published a great article back in 2011, It's the Inequality, Stupid. Among the charts and graphs is one titled, Out of Balance, that illustrates the actual distribution vs what people think vs what they would like. Looks like most people are out of touch even more than the statistics are out of date, because things are more inequitable than then. The L-Curve is another good presentation with a short video about 4 minutes long. and more dramatic. The effects of wealth inequality are more varied and profoun

Resistance, Revolution, Reform and an End Game

As a member of The Resistance and a soldier in Our Revolution, I am worried that the movement doesn't have clearer goals, a progressive series of goals, a greater focus on the core causal factors that create the dysfunctions affecting a plethora of policy issues and an appropriate vision of the end game. The Resistance was born in part as a backlash to Donald Trump becoming President. Trump is merely the face, the poster-child and a symptom of deeper systemic problems within our political systems. While some are focused on Trump with hopes of impeachment, I fear that his replacement could be just as bad if not worse. The Resistance and Our Revolution both are focused on winning seats for the

Gun Nuts

Just 3% of Americans own one-half of the total privately owned guns in this country with an average of 17. That's 133 million guns! You can read more about that in The Guardian, a British publication, because corporate American media won't publish factual, meaningful information. Hell, the CDC has been prohibited by Congress to collect data about gun violence in the good old USA with legislation from 1996 known as the Dickey Amendment. Perhaps we should include September 30 as a DDD. So how many of 22-31% of Americans who own guns are actually part of a well regulated militia? Do we even have well regulated militias? Perhaps some good Congressperson could introduce a bill to help the states

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