Causation and Symptoms

It is critically important to distinguish between cause and effect. In a medical context, if we want a patient to be healthy, we must treat the cause of a disease and not merely treat the symptoms of the malady. The political body of the United States of America is severely diseased. Too many people are presently focused on the symptoms of the disease and as a result, the cause(s) are under-appreciated and unfortunately neglected. Every day I receive emails asking me to sign petitions to oppose various symptoms of the disease ravaging our political body. Sometimes I sign them, sometimes I don't. I prefer to spend more time and effort focused on healing the causes of our dysfunctions. Bold Pr

Electoral Fraud/Theft

There is ample evidence for citizens of the USA to doubt the integrity of electoral results for too many of our elected representative offices and therefore the legitimacy of our government. We submit the following sources as evidence: The investigative journalism of Greg Palast. or search Greg Palast/videos -excellent reporting on voter purging and voter suppression The investigative works of Bev Harris at - a warehouse of information that started with investigations in voting machinery weirdness claims a poll found 81% of Americans believe election fraud is a problem gives evidence of media compl

More Effectively Organizing and Focusing The Resistance and Revolution

So, you want a revolution, right? Perhaps you got involved with Indivisible or Our Revolution. That's great, I did too, but really, those aren't revolutionary organizations. They are conventional politics. I want a real revolution! I know damn well that we can't vote our way out of this mess. After all, the elections are rigged, political offices have been stolen. Need proof, or evidence? Who remembers the Supreme Court awarding GW Bush the Presidency even though Gore won the vote count. Look to Clint Curtis who wrote software intended to steal elections. You can watch a video of him testifying to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in 2004. Here are some organizations and websites like; Blac

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