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The People's Plan to Restore Democracy in America is comprised of several efforts. A great place to start is with the investigative reporting done by Greg Palast because too few are familiar with his work that exposes the Republicans stealing elections. If they keep stealing elections then we're going to have lots of really bad things happen. So here he is... Next we go to a great little video brought to us by explaining other fundamental problems with our political system. Next we should see what says is the solution That seems pretty darn good. They even got the Act passed in South Dakota and the crooked politicians there absolutely freaked-out. Now we move to Mov

Spiritual Demographics

The Pew Research Center published it's research about America's Changing Religious Landscape. The number of evangelicals is dwindling and was found to be about 25% of the population. The number of unaffiliated was found to be 23% of the population and is growing at a rate six times greater than the rate of evangelical decline. That should be really good news to those of us who consider ourselves spiritual, but not necessarily religious. We can, perhaps, amplify these trends with a Spiritual Association for Religious Transcendence. It should also be encouraging for those who identify as more liberal than conservative.

House Rules

The House of Representatives should be the primary focus for the efforts of a reform party or a reform movement. All House Representatives are elected every two years, unlike Senators who are elected every six years with approximately one-third of the Senate elected every two years. The goal is to elect a majority of reformers in 2018. It is imperative that reformers win a majority in the House of Representatives because the majority party elects the Speaker Of The House. The Speaker is the person who basically decides which pieces of legislation go up for a vote. If reformers can win the House of Representatives they can control the legislative agenda.

Rule, Representative,

Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States of America do the words "rule" or "leader" appear. There is ample use of the word "representative", yet today it seems that we are being ruled by a kakistocracy. The definition of kakistocracy is, a state or country governed by the worst, least qualified or most unscrupulous citizens. Let's look at some other cracies and archies kleptocracy - government by those who mainly seek status and personal gain at the expense of those governed plutocracy - government by the wealthy oligarchy - government by a few - or - government by the few exercising control for corrupt and selfish purpose. Those seem more appropriate descriptors of our government th

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