The People's Plan to Renew America

In Trump's inaugural address he said, "What truly matters is not what party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people". He was totally correct. Sadly, our government is not controlled by the people. We, The People, need to regain control of our government. Here is a plan to do that. First, we need to make it unequivocally clear that the majority of The People agree that our political system and electoral process is dysfunctional to the point that our government no longer has legitimate authority. We can accomplish this by exercising our first amendment right "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" by signing a series of open letters (1.t

A Petition to President Trump

Dear President Trump, In your inaugural address you stated that “…today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.” We thank you President Trump and answer that claim with a promise to you. If you honor the will of The People, seize this opportunity and make a deal with the people, you will be the most popular and greatest President since George Washington. It’s a really, really, good deal. You went on to say, “For too long, a small group in our nation’s capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people have borne the cost. Washing

To My Fellow American Citizens

I plead to You, my fellow American citizens to carefully consider the perils and opportunities of these times and then I implore you to endorse The People's Plan to Renew America. To make this a successful effort will require a minimum of 101 million signatures on four separate yet related petitions as a first step. 101 million amounts to 51% of eligible voters in the USA. This may at first appear to be an unattainable ambition in what seems like a divided nation, but the numbers are on our side. 65 million people voted for Hillary Clinton. Millions of voters and votes were purged from the vote counts. 90-97 million eligible voters did not vote. That totals approximately 165 million eligible

We Can't Vote Our Way Out of This Mess

Please don't fool yourself or others. There are already too many people doing that. The truth definitely sucks, but it's the truth and we better realize the sad facts of the situation if we are to have any real hope of changing the political dysfunction. We can'y vote our way out of this mess. Let's look at the facts. Almost 3 million more people voted for Clinton than Trump. The numbers could be significantly higher when one considers that the Interstate Crosscheck system was utilized, voter suppression tactics were implemented, more that 50 members of the electoral college were illegitimately seated and many voting machines produce unverifiable results. The Republicans are mainly if not so

Smoke and Mirrors

There's a lot of talk these days about Russians hacking into the American political process. It's just smoke and mirrors, a distraction from more important stories. The real and important story about the 2016 elections is the massive voter suppression utilizing the interstate crosscheck system. It's the story corporate media won't tell the public about. Then they can do it all again in 2018. There's probably more to it than just that, though. It makes for good theater....Trump fights the establishment while a new cold war ensues and we're all scared shitless that it might get hot, nuclear hot. Sure would be nice if we passed that Nuclear Sanity Act. Maybe the Narcissist in Chief could get a

Timelines for Collapse

Collapse is coming, economic, environmental and civilization. Nobody knows exactly when, but these catastrophes may be a lot closer than you think. Wesley Clark Jr. predicts the shit will hit the fan in 2025. Sam Carana points to 2026 as possible extinction for humanity. Guy McPherson thinks we're hopelessly fucked. A United Kingdom government study warns that civilization will collapse by 2040 if we don't change our wicked ways and clean up our act. Thom Hartmann missed the mark with the Crash of 2016, but many of us know that the world's financial house of cards is only held together by a web of debt and the secret of oz is now out in the open and that even the sociopathic new emperor can'

Profiting the World

Integrative Activism (IA) is structured (incorporated) as a business rather than a nonprofit organization. Nonprofit organizations are legally constrained to limit their activities in accordance to their missions. This makes the range of activities preformed by nonprofits somewhat narrow. There are 31 different types of 501 designations. For profit organizations face fewer regulatory restrictions. Considering that Integrative Activism strives to be the most comprehensive form of activism, it is only logical to incorporate as business because the range and scope of activities exceeds any one type of 501. Multiple organizations would be required to be created to fill the wide variety of servic

Breaking The Knot

The Knot is really a tangle of many knots, but we have to begin somewhere. When we analyze the problems we face, we find that we need to prioritize. The greatest problem we collectively face is the Sixth Mass Extinction because that could easily lead to the extinction of humanity itself. The sixth extinction is being exponentially accelerated by climate change. Climate change is not being adequately addressed because there is a lack of political will. There is a lack of political will because democratic institutions have been corrupted so now the politicians are subservient to the oligarchs. The People are divided and confused by outdated dysfunctional myths, mis- and dis- information (propa

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