An open letter to our Representatives

To all elected representatives, the attorney general and all appointed members of the judiciary in the United States of America, As a legal citizen of these United States of America, I do hereby submit this grievance to all elected members of our government and to all appointed members of the judiciary. I have sufficient cause to doubt the validity of the 2016 election results and do hereby formally and forcefully request an investigation into allegations of electoral fraud during the course of the aforementioned elections followed with appropriate indictments of all involved. As a citizen of one of the most advanced nations on Earth I consider it unacceptable to lack reasonable confidence i

Electoral Truth and Consequences

Elections have consequences, profound consequences. Those who govern often indirectly determine who lives or dies through decisions involving; military engagements and war, the availability and quality of healthcare, environmental protections that affect the amounts and types of poisons introduced into our air, waters, lands, foods and bodies. Quality of life is affected through legislation affecting distributions and qualities of resources such as money, education, justice and liberty. Ultimately the political victors will determine the fate of life on this planet affecting which species will survive the intensifying sixth mass extinction. There are those among us who say that their votes d

Effective Electoral Reforms

The President-elect asserted that the elections were rigged and testified to the people that wealthy people routinely legally bribe politicians for legislative favors. Kudos to the man for telling those truths. Perhaps We The People can work with the new President and implement effective electoral reforms to really make America great again, but what are the reforms that will really work? THE RIGHT TO VOTE ; All adult citizens in the USA should be Constitutionally guaranteed the right to vote in convenient secure polling places with verifiable equipment to ensure that all citizen's votes are properly counted in accordance with their intentions. NONPARTISAN ELECTION ADMINISTRATION; The current

Stealing and Seizing The Future

How many elections must be stolen from the American people before they understand the true costs and consequences? For those who are unaware that the elections have been rigged, I refer you first to Greg Palast, one of the few remaining investigative journalists of our times. His expose' of the Crosscheck system should be enough to make you join the revolution as part of the resistance, but if you'd like more then study-up on the black-box voting machines utilizing fraction magic to tally the counts or how about; voter suppression laws in 22 states, more than 860 polling stations eliminated in battleground states, a primary process manipulated by the Democratic establishment to rob the peopl

Saving the Gains

For those of us who know how bad things really are, the question is not how we can avert disaster, but how we can minimize the inevitable disasters in the near future and how can we save the gains produced by nature and civilization. The Global Genome Initiative is an example of knowledgable people attempting to preserve some of the rich genetic diversity, the real wealth, of our planet. England is building a Frozen Ark, San Diego has a Frozen Zoo, Norway hosts the Svalbard Global Seed Vault and there are those mysterious Georgia Guide Stones. intended to give advice for the survivors of collapse. Forgive me for the last source. I don't like to promote conspiracy theories because too many pe

The Right Thing To Do

Sometimes figuring out what the right thing to do can be difficult. Life can be filled with conflicting desires, interests and priorities while time for contemplation is often limited by our obligations and commitments. For decades I struggled trying to understand how to apply the eight-fold path into a contemporary layman's life. What is the; right view or understanding, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration? Those things often seem to change with each moment, each context. When I was a child I would occasionally ask my parents for advice and their reply would usually be, "Do what you think is right". It was madden

Buy Local Day

December 19 is the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party and provides us with an excellent opportunity to remind our fellow citizens of an all too forgotten pivotal event in American history. Most Americans know that a group of rebellious colonists disguised as indians boarded a ship and threw the cargo of tea into Boston Harbor, but far too few Americans know why or know who owned the tea or the ship. Ask and you'll get vague incorrect answers about it being British tea that was taxed too much. The truth is that the tea belonged to the world's first multinational corporation and wasn't being taxed enough. The ship and the tea belonged to the East India Trading Company, formerly known as the D

Theory and Analysis

Theory: We begin with Ken Wilber's AQAL model which can be useful helping us to consider the different dimensions or domains and their relationships to each other and was a significant inspiration in the conceptual development of Integrative Activism. Wilber's writings contain brilliant synthesis of multiple disciplines, deep and sometimes useful insights, but can contain distortions from an overly developed cognitive line and cultish ego that fails to produce the sweet fruits of the truly selfless. A critique of specifics may follow in the future, but remains beyond the scope of this essay. Donella Meadow's brilliant essay, Leverage Points: Places to Intervene in a System is an excellent re

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