Our Story From The Future

If humanity survives the sixth mass extinction, a story will be known to all. There will be variations by the story-tellers, but the basic story will be something like this.... Once, long long ago, people lived in harmony with the Earth and nature as one of the animals. In those times there were more animals of greater varieties than we can even imagine today. The web of life was rich and healthy beyond belief. Things changed when people learned to use fire, learned to farm and learned to make tools with increasing sophistication. Civilization developed as our bounty grew and the patriarchy seized power to rule the world for thousands of years using all manner of violence to ensure their dom

Violence or Nonviolence?

Through the years I have often wondered if my pacifistic tendencies were naive, considering that the forces of empire are violently destroying the very biosphere of our dear mother Earth. In smaller and narrower contexts those same forces of empire perpetrate violence in a myriad of ways on almost everyone and everything. My beloved country, the USA, the first modern democracy could have never been founded without the violence of revolutionary war. Jefferson declared that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots. It made me question my own convictions. What was true then, may no longer be appropriate now. Now I am older and perhaps a bit

The Business

Integrative Activism is intended to be incorporated as a S-corporation. This structure was chosen because a for profit business has more freedoms of operations than nonprofits which are limited by law in the range of activities they are permitted to preform. An S-corporation has the capacity to issue shares of the business. Integrative Activism is, so far, the construct of one man, a poverty level blue collar wage-slave without the means to invest the capital necessary to launch this endeavor. It is the hope that Integrative Activism has appropriate creative content and merit to garner the support, participation and talent of other high minded cultural creatives. Website design, writing, fun

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