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The Global Society of Civil Democrats
The greatest experiment in and exercise of
democracy in the history of the world

     "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come." Victor Hugo

and now we have the technology to get the job started, so...


Let's work together because we're all in this together and establish a global society of civil democrats in effort to; 

Influence national representatives to cooperate in effort to create new international institutions for the purpose of securing the liberties of democratically based governance against the machinations of neofascist corporatists, demagogues, plutocrats, kleptocrats and tyrants that undermine the well-being of the general populace and environment.

There have been significant declines in democratic freedoms and institutions around the world for fifteen straight years. You can read the reports from freedom house detailing the assaults from so called populists who are more accurately described as tyrants. The better we understand what has been and is happening, the better we will be able to defend democracy. Powerful politicians are prone to corruptive influences while corporate media refers to them as leaders. We don't need leaders and we don't elect leaders, we elect representatives. So let's inspire one another and become the leaders. Here's how the good people can fight back...


We organize the people of our planet who are dedicated to the principles and practices of world-centric democratic ideals, pool a portion of our capital, vote, vote, vote and exert our collective will.  

Sign up. Take the pledge. Contribute what seems reasonable. Vote. 

The existential problems we now face, climate change, the sixth mass extinction, pandemics, etc. can only be solved through cooperative coordinated global action. We're all in this together. 

What would, what could, a society of world centric democrats achieve? We would have to vote on that of course, but this author is confident that items high on the priority list would include;

  • establishing a global carbon tax

  • establishing a global corporate tax

  • establishing a more democratic alternative United Nations institution

  • establishing a democratic alternative to the world trade organization

Who knows what else we may choose? There's only one way to find out...

Safeguarding the enterprise...

        World-centric democracy is the aim, the ideal. A society of global democrats can and will be undermined as surely and by the same means that national democracies have been undermined and subverted. So called populism, which is really majority racist nationalism is the main fulcrum for splintering pluralistic societies. It's a divide and conquer strategy that erodes the rights and freedoms of minority groups and traditionally repressed groups. The rights of women are a broad example of a traditionally repressed subset of citizenry. Repression of gender, race, religion and sexual proclivities are traditional tactics of demagogues and tyrants. Therefore, overt sexists, racists, LGBTQ-phobes, and religious bigots must be excluded from participation in a society of world-centric democrats because their attitudes are juxtaposed and heretical to the movement. 



The world needs a society of global democrats to rally together in effort to more effectively address the problems facing humanity and the biosphere. Greenhouse gases and other pollutants are not constrained by human designated boundaries while depletions in oceanic fish stocks may result in marine mass extinction which should be a concern to all of humanity. Wealth and power inequalities plague many of our societies resulting in unnecessary hunger, starvation, disease and death as corporations, financial institutions and fascistic oligarchs manipulate and corrupt democratically elected representatives into compromising agreements further exasperating our problems. It should now be evident that international cooperation and agreements are not sufficient to solve the global crises we now face. 


Corporations, capitalism and globalization can be valuable constructs for societies if properly controlled and regulated. When properly regulated they form symbiotic relationships with society like probiotic intestinal flora within our digestive tract. When corporations, capitalism and globalization are inadequately regulated they become parasitic and cancerous. 

Those who value democratic principles understand that democratic institutions such as unions with collective bargaining or employee owned cooperatives yield more equitable results for more people.


Large corporations are most often considered to be multi- or trans- national entities because they operate in multiple countries. As such, these entities have little or no loyalty to their countries of origin or to the countries in which they operate. Because regulations differ among countries while corporations often have interlocking directorates, they are often beyond control, all too much like Frankenstein's monster.  


To illustrate this point we direct your attention to the ISDS (Investor to State Dispute Settlement) system administered by the WTO (World Trade Organization) that clearly undermines domestic sovereignty. While you could read about the ISDS in the Nation magazine. the Washington Post, Public Citizen, Friends of Earth Europe and others, the site we recommend is www,  


After learning about the ISDS it should be apparent that the ISDS is a system that undermines democracy itself and that it serves to enrich the few at the expense of the many. It therefore seems only logical to conclude that an international community of people committed to the principles and ideals of democracy join together in an effort to push back against the malfeasance of an obscenely greedy few who lack adequate good conscience. 

It is worth noting that the world's most powerful institutions are far from democratic. The United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the Council on Foreign Relations and others may have a superficial veneer of democracy, but none of their members are voted into positions of power by the people at large. 

A society of global democrats may be necessary to counter the regressive right wing movements that we now witness gaining strength and popularity throughout the world. Let us remember the higher principles that guide our attitudes and actions while remaining cognizant that the stress and fear induced by climate change. resource depletions and conflicts will lower the collective levels of consciousness. As this happens, nativist movements will gain strength in individual nations and forms of fascism will gain greater power and control. The prejudiced peoples of nations will isolate themselves and loose the strength that comes from international cooperation because the bigots will remain locked mostly within the borders of their nations. A Society of Global Democrats can therefore emerge because their united numbers will greatly out-number the abilities of xenophobes to unite.`

Before you consider how a society of global democrats might organize and function, please banish from your mind that such an affiliation as is being proposed is not a governmental body in the tradition sense. Most people who are presented this idea reflexively equate a society of global democrats with the notion of an international federal government. Perhaps a more global governmental institution will evolve through time, but that's putting the cart before the horse. A more productive mental exercise would be to consider what and how an affiliation of democratically principled people numbering in the billions could do...

Here are a few thoughts and suggestions. 

A carbon tax is often advocated as the single best tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yet instituting a carbon tax is proving to be extremely difficult at national levels and nearly impossible at the global scale. Wealth inequality has increased throughout the world at both national and international levels thanks in good part to the mechanizations of transnational corporations and financial institutions with interlocking directorates and interlocking shareholders. A global corporate tax would prevent the utilization of tax havens that enrich the few at the expense of the many. 


The idea of a green new deal is growing in popularity in the Americas, Europe, Australia and into parts of Asia. Instituting a global green new deal will be a monumental task, but offers humanity the best chance of saving humanity and most of the biosphere from extinction. A society of global democrats may be our only chance to make that dream. 

What kind of leverage or power could a society of global democrats exert and how might they do it? Through the largest demonstrations or protest marches that the world has ever seen for a start. We now live in a globalized economy and the pandemic has shown us all how susceptible supply chains have become. Organized labor is inherently democratic and labor strikes that disrupt supply chains could have profound impacts. Such an undertaking isn't without risk of unintended consequence. It will require thoughtful planning to affect principle powers while minimizing harmful impacts to the common person. Fortunately, a society of global democrats will have an incredibly large pool of good minds to contribute to planning such events. 


Ensuring the purity of such a movement shouldn't be very difficult. We live in a time when "cancel cultures" have emerged. Misogynists, racists and fascists are more easily identifiable and verifiable than ever thanks to social media. Persons who are not aligned with democratic principles will be disqualified from entry and participation into the society of global democrats. 

How will a Society of Global Democrats operate?

By voting of course. The technology to conduct such an experiment and enterprise is already here and distributed widely enough to begin. Yes, this will begin mainly in developed nations, but not limited to them. Developed nations are the main drivers of climate change, militarization and other problems.




      can only be determined through democratic consensus, but consider that the internet provides an unprecedented number of people from around the world an unique opportunity to participate in a grand experiment of global democracy that has never been possible before.  Relatively simple and widely available software already exists to form a database of participants that may then submit proposals for initiatives to be established through polling and voting. Funding could be voluntary or a modest fee proportional to each member's income could be required. Once again, this decision would be determined by popular vote. 

What would a Society of Global Democrats do?


Yes, that would be determined by voting, but is only limited by our imaginations and willingness to participate.